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    Ghostface Killah

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    Ghostface Killah is a member of the Wu-Tang clan who has appeared in several hip-hop themed fighting games.

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       Ghostface Killah (Dennis Coles) was born May 9 1970. He is an American rapper and member of the influential hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. He later signed with Def Jam records and pursued a solo career. The stage name “Ghostface Killah” is derived from a 1979 kung fu film by the name of “Mystery of Chessboxing”. Ghostface Killah is a practicing Muslim.


       Ghostface Killah has appeared in a series of video games, reflecting both his time as a member of the Wu-Tang clan and as a solo artist with the Def Jam label. 

    Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

      Shaolin Style was a 3D fighting game for the Playstation and the first game in which Ghostface Killah made an appearance. Ghostface Killah is a playable character in the game along with the other members of the Wu-Tang Clan. His goal in the game is to rescue his Kung-Fu master (Master Xin) from the hands of the evil Mong Zhu. Like other playable characters in the game, Ghostface Killah has four different "fatality" moves he can finish off opponents with.
    Ghostface Killah from Def Jam: Vendetta
    Ghostface Killah from Def Jam: Vendetta

    Def Jam: Vendetta

      Def Jam: Vendetta was a wrestling game staring a variety of famous hip-hop artists, including Ghostface Killah, who had signed with Def Jam records at the time. Although Ghostface is not a playable character in the game’s story mode, he makes an appearance and is playable in the game’s battle mode. Ghostface has a variety of special moves and finishing moves, and a signature quote he begins fights with.              
    Special Moves:   
    Harlem Hurricane 
    Tagged and Bagged  
    Finishing Moves:
    Ghost Shower 
    Splitting Headache 
    Opening Quote: 
    "I'm a ghost, man. I can't get broke!" 

    Def Jam: Fight for NY

      The follow-up to Def Jam: Vendetta was another wrestling-style game but with a more variable fighting system. The game involved a war between two groups, “Crow’s Crew” (led by Snoop Dogg) and “D-Mob’s Crew” (led by Christopher Judge). Ghostface Killah made an appearance as a member of “D-Mob’s Crew” and was once again playable in the game’s battle mode.  

    Def Jam: Icon

      The most recent game starring Ghostface Killah is the latest entry in the Def Jam franchise. As in its predecessors, Ghostface is a playable character in the game’s battle mode and makes an appearance in the story mode.

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