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    Ghouls are carrion eating undead creatures that dwell in graveyards and other lonely places. The stench of death surrounds these vile abominations wherever they go. Some Ghouls have been known to paralyse their victims with their manky claws.

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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

    Ghouls are humanoids caught between life and death, created when a necromancer forces a soul to remain inside its body. Forever tormented by their condition, they are full of hatred for all living things. Ghouls are unreliable, and only powerful necromancers have the power to control them. These blasphemous creatures are extremely nimble of foot and can be quite a nuseanse, especially when one has to fight more than one at the same time.


    Raul, a ghoul from Fallout: New Vegas
    Raul, a ghoul from Fallout: New Vegas

    Ghouls are former humans who have been exposed to massive amounts of radiation without dying. Months after the bombs were dropped, many surviving humans began to turn into ghouls. Their unique circumstances makes them not only immune, but revitalized by radiation, which heals their wounds at doses which would easily kill ordinary humans. However, this comes with the side effect of extreme physical deformity; every inch of their skin is mutated by the radiation. In Fallout and Fallout 2, ghouls have green skin and a 'melted' appearance, while in Fallout 3 they are depicted as resembling burn victims.

    In addition, they are physically quite weak, unable to withstand much punishment, and are usually ostracized from (what's left of) society due to their corpse-like appearance. Some ghouls are friendly to the player character when encountered, and others are hostile, either by choice, or due to some sort of frenzied "feral" state.

    Ghouls also have been known to live for extremely long periods of time, with some encountered claiming to remember before the Great War and the resulting nuclear holocaust, well over two hundred years in the past.


    Warcraft 3

    Ghouls are warriors of the Undead Scourge.

    These hunched creatures are the even more twisted versions of zombies and can be summoned at crypts. The ghouls' secondary function is to scourge the forests and harvest lumber for the undead cause. Ghouls are level 2 units, and as such stronger than other carriers and able to harvest 20 lumber as opposed to 10. Ghouls may also cannibalize on fallen warriors in order to regenerate health.


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