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Mass Effect

Parasini dragging Anoelis out of his office
Parasini dragging Anoelis out of his office

In Mass Effect 1, Gianna Parasin introduces herself to Commander Shepard as Administrator Anoelis' secretary in Port Hanshan on the planet Noveria. After Anoelis tells Shepard that he cannot allow him/her to go to Peak 15 because of the problems with the Hot Labs, Gianna reveals to Shepard that she is working undercover for Noveria Internal Affairs and can get him/her a pass to Peak 15 if Shepard helps her prove that Anoelis is corrupt.

She tells Shepard that a Turian named Lorik Qui'in has clearance to leave Hanshan and has been accused of corruption by Anoelis, and his approval of going into his office at Synthetic Insights to find proof of Anoelis' corruption would be vital in her investigation. Once Shepard finds proof that Lorik Qui'in is innocent, Gianna asks that Shepard convinces the Turian to testify against Anoelis. If Shepard agrees and is succesful in convincing Qui'in, Anoelis' is arrested by Gianna and she tells Shepard that "next time she sees him/her around the Galaxy, she'll owe him/her a beer."

Mass Effect 2

Parasini, making Asaris squeal
Parasini, making Asaris squeal

In Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard can run into Gianna Parasini on the planet Illium if the right decisions were made in the previous Mass Effect. After a brief conversation, she leaves Shepard a note in "the beer she owed him".

The note asks that Shepard help Gianna rat out an Asari Tech Merchant who is selling illegal smuggled merchandise by asking her to show him/her the said merchandise. Shepard can choose to rat Gianna out by telling the Asari she's being spyed on, or he/she can use charm or intimidate dialouge options to convince the Asari to show him/her the goods, which seals the deal for Gianna proving her guilty. After this event on Iliium, she departs and is not seen again throughout the rest of the game.

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