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    Gibdos are mummy-like enemies from the Legend of Zelda series.

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    Gibdos are recurring monsters from the Legend of Zelda franchise. They are undead mummiespossessing great strength and can take quite a while for Link to defeat. However, they do seem to have a weakness to fire as their bandages will burn off in most games (sometimes revealing either a Stalfos or ReDead).

    Gibdos first appeared in The Legend of Zelda but began displaying certain prominent traits in Ocarina of Time. In Ocarina of Time, they are very similar to ReDead (other undead monsters in the game). These enemies are infamous for their slow movement and low groans. If they spot Link, they let out a shriek that freezes him. If one reaches Link in his frozen state, it grabs him and begins biting his neck, dealing a lot of damage. Gibdos can quickly let out shrieks one after another, making it extra difficult for Link to attack or escape.


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