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    Gideon is the leader of the Nod Separatists who appears in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. He is portrayed by Chris Wolfe.

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    Gideon grew up in an impoverished, Tiberium poisoned American wasteland. His calling to the Brotherhood of Nod came in the form of a Nod preacher, as well as the influence from his father joining the Brotherhood years before. From there, Gideon built up a considerable following because of his radical prophecies, of which were far different to Kanes, and even included denouncing Kane himself, the exalted prophet of the Brotherhood. This lead to the creation of the Nod Seperatist movement against both GDI and Nod 
    The Incursion War  
    During this time, Gideon took control of the GDI ship Methuselah and attempted to crash it into ChicagoCaptain Christian Pierce of the Global Defense Initiative prevented this attack, but it lead to him being captured by Gideon, and that the Captain would work for him in an effort to acquire some information from the GDI database.
    The Final War  
    Much like Kane had done many a time, Gideon went into hiding after the events of the Incursion War, but was still a major threat. In an attempt to kill Kane, he infiltrated New Adana with modular Obelisks of Light during the TCN opening ceremony. Gideon was later involved with the capture and murder of the Implants; humans that Kane had placed the activation sequence for opening the Scrin portal with help from Doctor Johann Pascal. Gideon murdered the Doctor himself, mocking Kane while he did so, stating that he would soon kill the final Implant (the Commander player character  in Tiberian Twilight ). It was later revealed that Gideon was working alongside Colonel Louise Janes of the GDI in order to bring down Kane after many failed attempts. Later captured by Kane, Gideon was put before a GDI led tribunal so that Kane could publicly execute him and secure his dominance over the Brotherhood once more. Whether or not his death came to pass remains to be seen, as Kane is shot from afar by Colonel James (or the Commander in the Nod campaign in Tiberian Twilight) which could have lead to Gideons rescue and/or escape.

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