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    Giganta is one of the most powerful DC villains. She has given trouble to Wonder Woman from time to time.

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    • Height: 6'6"
    • Weight: 220 lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Red


    Originally, Giganta was an ape artificially evolved into a human woman by Professor Zool. She soon came into conflict with Wonder Woman and, upon being subdued, was imprisoned at Transformation Island. Rather than find rehabilitation, Giganta was rescued and recruited by Eviless, becoming a founding member of Villainy Inc.

    Dr. Doris Zuel first appeared during a period when Wonder Woman was in a coma, and being kept at the experimental medical facility where Dr Zuel worked. Suffering from a fatal blood disease, Zuel planned to transfer her life-essence into the Amazon's body. They were discovered by the second Wonder Girl halfway through the experiment, and both women were declared dead. Subsequently her assistant, Branson, discovered Zuel's essence had been stored in the transference machine's buffer module, and put her in the body of one of the test animals, a gorilla named Giganta.

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers Size Alteration: ability to increase her size from roughly 6'6 to several hundred feet in seconds. This power appears magical in nature, as it violates the square cube law.

    Superhuman Strength: Above average in normal form, superhuman when gigantic. Superhuman

    Durability: Her durability is higher then an average woman but it is not superhuman (Until she begins growing).

    Enhanced Intellect: Giganta is also a brilliant scientist who now retains her full intelligence at any size from normal to maximum.


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