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Gilbert Alexander was an important scientist in Rapture who worked on the Vita Chamber with Augustus Sinclair and created the bond between Little Sisters and Big Daddies, a job he took over after Dr. Yi Suchong died. Before his pivotal work on the Little Sisters and Big Daddies, he worked in Fontaine Futuristics as a researcher. He was very proficient as an engineer--during his career, he designed the mechanism used to put ADAM slugs into the Sisters, and he even designed Rapture's Security Bots.

In BioShock 2, he is both an antagonist and a helper. Before he was turned insane and heavily modified by ADAM due to an experiment he volunteered for, he created several audio logs assisting the listener and asking them to kill him. However, he ("he" referring to the insane version of Gil) did gain control of all the security bots in the level, and thus uses them against the player throughout the level.

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