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Gilgamesh's name is inspired by the Sumerian king named Gilgamesh, whose stories are recounted in the tome known as the Epic of Gilgamesh. Final Fantasy's Gilgamesh has little to do with the mythic king, other than a friendly companion named Enkidu.

Throughout the Final Fantasy series, Gilgamesh makes numerous appearances. Gilgamesh has a gray complexion, wears extravagant, bright colored armor and often carries a plethora of swords. Unlike other recurring characters, such as Cid, the Gilgamesh in each Final Fantasy game seems to be the same person. Gilgamesh carries the powerful Genji equipment in most games and his theme song, originally titled "Clash on the Big Bridge," is one of the more recognizable Final Fantasy songs, and is featured in a number of Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy V

Gilgamesh's fourth form in Final Fantasy V
Gilgamesh's fourth form in Final Fantasy V
Gilgamesh first appears in Final Fantasy V. When the characters journey to Galuf's world, they encounter Gilgamesh while escaping Exdeath's castle. Gilgamesh will appear first to battle the party in Exdeath's prison, then chase them across the Big Bridge. Gilgamesh appears many times throughout the game to challenge the player.  Each time he appears, Gilgamesh's appearance becomes more daunting. If the player steals from him during the 3rd-6th battles with him, they can collect the powerful Genji set of armor.

In the final hours of the game, Gilgamesh appears a final time to assist the heroes, and declares them friends before sacrificing himself for them. From here he gets sucked into the Void and appears in subsequent Final Fantasy universes.

Final Fantasy VI

Gilgamesh does not truly appear in the original Final Fantasy VI, but was added into the Gameboy Advance port. In Final Fantasy VI Advance, Gilgamesh is a hidden Esper. The player can obtain him by finding the sword Excalipoor, and using it in the Dragon Neck Coliseum. Gilgamesh will challenge the party, and if defeated, will join them.

When summoned, he performs one of four attacks: Excalipoor, Excalibur, Masamune, or Enkidu. The Excalipoor attack is extremely weak.

Final Fantasy VIII        

GIlgamesh in Final Fantasy VIII
GIlgamesh in Final Fantasy VIII
Near the end of the game, Gilgamesh may join the player's party. If your party already has the Guardian Force Odin, then during the final battle against Seifer, Odin will appear, only to be taken down by Seifer. Gilgamesh will wipe Seifer away, spelling victory for Squall.  From this point on, Gilgamesh, rather then Odin, appears to aid the party.

Final Fantasy IX

Alleyway Jack from Final Fantasy IX
Alleyway Jack from Final Fantasy IX
It has been theorized that Alleyway Jack from Final Fantasy IX was a form of Gilgamesh. He declares himself a treasure hunter, and has multiple arms. Zidane and company encounter him a variety of times throughout the game.

Final Fantasy XI

The underwhelming Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy Online
The underwhelming Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy Online
In the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, Gilgamesh appears as the leader of the Tenshodo pirating organization in Norg. Gilgamesh is also the name of one of the game's servers.

Final Fantasy XII

Gilgamesh unsheathes Cloud's Buster Sword in Final Fantasy XII
Gilgamesh unsheathes Cloud's Buster Sword in Final Fantasy XII
Gilgamesh appears as a mark in the quest "Ancient Man of Mystery." This particular hunt is done in two parts, with the second being significantly more intimidating than the first.  He appears to fight both times with numerous swords from other games, such as Cloud's Buster Sword or Squall's Gunblade.  However, all the weapons he wields are forgeries.

Gilgamesh is also an optional boss in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and can be summoned once defeated.


Final Fantasy XIII

 Though Gilgamesh does not physically appear in the game, his name appears as one of the game's retail networks, 'Gilgamesh, Inc.'  This network is obtained after completing mission 46.  The network offers powerful items strength and magic wise, but come with crippling special properties such as Stagger Lock and Paper Tiger.

Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy in Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls, Gilgamesh appears as an optional boss fight along with other Final Fantasy V bosses.

Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

 Tetsuya Nomura artwork.
 Tetsuya Nomura artwork.
Gilgamesh has been confirmed as one of the new characters in the PSP fighting game sequel Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, bearing his design from Final Fantasy V.

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