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Early Career

Bonner had a duel career, as both for Elite and Wilhelmina modeling agencies as well as working in Information Technology. She had successfully owned and operated several computer hardware and service companies; "Plugged In Computers" in New York - where she worked as computer consultant and repair technician. And "American Computer Express" in Florida - which focused on mail order computer hardware.

Whilst in Florida she graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design, majoring in computer animation, it was there she realized the potential need for the computer animation industry that she sold her mail order computer company and founded Black Dragon Publishing Inc. in 1992.

Video Game Industry

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With the newly minted studio, Bonner wanted the company to develop "high-quality, innovative action-adventure titles." As of to date, the company has only developed and published one game; Riana Rouge, which failed both critically and commercially. Bonner was the game's executive producer, lead actor and co-programmed the game's digitized video.

During the development of the Riana Rouge's, Bonner became a Playboy Playmate in 1996 which helped provide marketing buzz for the game.

Subsequent Career

In 1999, Bonner contributed to "Digital Culture" and hosted "Virtual Gillian" on the Playboy website, which focused on the "burgeoning" expansion of technology and entertainment industry at the time.

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