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    Gillian Seed

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The main character from Snatcher, a member of an elite police squad known as the Junkers.

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    At the start of the game, Gillian is a (estimated) 31 year old amnesiac, married to, but living apart from Jamie Seed, who also has amnesia. They were found cryogenically frozen together in Russia. The fact that they can't even remember each other leads them to split. Gillian joins JUNKER because, for some reason, the word ' Snatcher' brings back vague memories, so he's hoping hunting them down will trigger his memory.

    His past is revealed in the last act of the game. Snatchers were developed as weapons, designed to simulate humans and eventually take over leaders of other countries. Gillian was assigned to the team developing the Snatchers, dealing with their psychological properties. This is where he met, and fell in love with, Jamie. They soon got married, and Jamie even has a son ( Harry Benson). However, another team member, Elijah Modnar, was in love with Jamie. Driven by jealousy, he set off Lucifer Alpha, causing the Catastrophe, and convinced Jamie and Gillian to freeze themselves cryogenically with him, his plan being to waken himself and Jamie, leaving Gillian frozen. After waking up though, he couldn't wake Jamie up, and worked on the Snatchers alone, eventually running away. That's when Gillian and Jamie are discovered.

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