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    Gimps, or Gimp Suits often appear in games as an unlockable costume, and occasionally as a character.

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    Gimp suits are tight fitting clothes often made from materials like leather or PVC, and are worn by submissives in a relationship. Gimp suits usually have zipped openings for the dominant to have easy access to parts of the Gimp's flesh, leaving them exposed and humiliated. They are often points of ridicule in the video game world.

    Gimps in Games

    Gimps have appeared in a few games over the years, perhaps most notably in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where it was integral to completing a mission for the Las Venturas segment of the story.
    Suda 51's game, Killer7, featured a floating Gimp called Iwazaru, who was Harman Smith's servant, and helped you to progress through the game by giving you information about the enemies you would have to face, and each character's special abilities.
    More recently, XBLA title, Shank was revealed to have an unlockable Gimp suit as a character costume after you kill 500 creatures (non-human enemies) in the game. This was announced on the Shank official blog on 25th August 2010.
    The Sims franchise of video games features a 'skin editor', allowing you to customise your Sims outfts, where it is possible for you to create your very own Gimp-suited Sim.

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