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    Giorno Giovanna

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    One of the sons of Dio Brando and the main protagonist of the fifth arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo. He wields the Stand Gold Experience.

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    Giorno is the son of Dio Brando and a Japanese woman who lives in Italy. He is a young teenager with a strong sense of justice, exceptional intellect, and a calm demeanor. Giorno carries a ladybug pendant which serves as his trademark. He is also rather popular among girls.

    Giorno's hair was initially black, but it turned to gold after his Stand had fully awakened. He greatly dislikes repeating himself and accuses people of being dim-witted if they hadn't listened to him the first time.

    Early Life

    Giorno is one of the illegitimate sons of Dio. Since Dio has taken Jonathan Joestar's body, Giorno does carry the Joestar bloodline. He bears the Joestar birthmark on his shoulder, like the men of the Joestar family. Giorno has never met Dio, but he does carry a photo of him.

    Giorno was born as Haruno Shiobana, and the surname belongs to his mother. She met Dio in Egypt and later returned to Japan. Giorno was mostly neglected by his mother because she often leaves home to pursue her lifestyle and to run away from her responsibility as a mother. When Giorno was 4, she later married an Italian man and they moved to Italy. Giorno received his Italian name and his step-father's surname. Giorno's father was abusive of him and he was ostracized by his schoolmates, thus he suffers from low self-esteem.

    Fateful Meeting

    One day, Giorno discovered an injured man lying in some grass. He noticed that the man bore gunshot wounds. Giorno sympathized with him and he subconsciously activated his Stand, Gold Experience to cause the grass to grow taller and to hide the man. Shortly after, a group of gangsters approached Giorno and demanded to know where the man is. Giorno lied to them and led them away from the man.

    2 months later, the man approached Giorno and thanked him for helping him. Soon after, Giorno experienced a huge improvement in his life. His father stopped abusing him and his schoolmates goes out of their way to perform favors for him. Giorno eventually found out that the man belonged to a gang and that he was acting as a guardian for him. Giorno gained confidence from the man's goodwill. He later learned that the gangs of Italy had more power over the city than the police did, thus Giorno decided to become a gangster to help people like his younger self. Help can be done in any available way: answer the request of classmate to "help write my paper" or help to heal injured pet, etc.

    Vento Aureo

    Induction into Passione

    Giorno was first seen working as a taxi driver at the airport. He would try to steal money and luggage from tourists. Jotaro sent Koichi to investigate a man named Haruno. Giorno managed to steal Koichi's money and luggage and Koichi managed to identify Giorno as Haruno. Koichi later discovered that Giorno was a Stand-wielder and Jotaro decided to call off the investigation.

    Giorno later indirectly caused the death of Leaky-Eyed Luka. The leader of the gang Passione, Bruno Buccellati, was sent to investigate Giorno which led to a duel. Giorno discovered that Bruno disagreed with drug trafficking in Italy. Giorno guessed from Bruno's reaction that his boss was the head of Italy's drug trafficking cartel and Giorno volunteered to join Bruno's gang to overthrow his boss.

    Bruno accepted Giorno and sent him to meet Polpo, an operative. Polpo gave Giorno the task to keep a lighter lit for 24 hours. Koichi later found Giorno, demanding his luggage back. Giorno tried to run away from him, but a janitor accidentally splashed water on him, putting the lighter out. This then led to a battle against Polpo's Stand, Black Sabbath which erupted from the lighter. Black Sabbath killed the janitor and turned on Giorno. He and Koichi defeated Black Sabbath. Polpo then accepted Giorno into the gang and Giorno killed Polpo for causing the death of the innocent janitor.

    Gaining Status

    After Polpo's death, Bruno explained that he could rise up the ranks of the gang and take Polpo's position. Bruno decided to steal Polpo's hidden treasure at Capri Island to donate to the gang to gain reputation. They successfully did so and Buccellati was promoted to an operative. Belcaro gave them a mission directly from the Boss to protect his daughter, Trish Una. The Boss knew that gang traitors wanted to overthrow him to gain control over the drug trafficking cartel.

    Protecting Trish

    After one of the traitors attacked Narancia, the Boss delivered a new mission. He ordered Passione to obtain a key at Pompeii to guarantee a safe transport of Trish to him. Buccellati sent Giorno, Abbacchio, and Fugo. They fought against Illuso, wielder of Man in the Mirror, in which Giorno played a key role. They obtained the key and found Coco Jumbo, wielder of Mr. President. They boarded the train to Firenze.

    Buccellati fought against and defeated Prosciutto, wielder of Grateful Dead, and Pesci, wielder of Beach Boys. The train stopped before they reached Firenze and they looked for alternate transport. Giorno was ambushed by Melone, wielder of Baby Face. During the fight, Giorno learns a new method of using Gold Experience which can be used as a healing ability.

    The Boss then gave them a new mission, to deliver Trish to Venice. They were ambushed by Ghiaccio, wielder of White Album. Giorno and Mista defeated him and Giorno healed Mista. The Boss ordered them to send only one person to deliver Trish to him at the clock tower on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Giorno wanted to see the Boss, but Buccellati insisted that he should go because he is the leader of Passione.

    The Boss kidnapped Trish from Buccellati and he chased the Boss. Buccellati rescued Trish from the Boss' hands but in his fight against the Boss, his Stand, King Crimson turned Buccellati into an undead. The Boss suspected that Giorno had planned to betray him anyway and revealed that he wanted to kill Trish to keep his identity secret. Buccellati managed to escape with Trish. Buccellati announced that he had betrayed the Boss and Fugo left Passione.

    Searching For The Boss

    Trish overheard the group's discussion about the Boss and learned that he wanted to kill her. Trish revealed that he was obsessed with keeping his identity secret and had disappeared from her and her mother's life. She revealed that they had once lived in Sardinia and suggested that they go there to find clues about the Boss' identity. The Boss then sent Squalo, wielder of Clash, and Tizziano, wielder of Talking Heads to kill Giorno and Passione. The Boss ordered them to prioritize killing Giorno first. Narancia defeated them and rescued Giorno with Giorno's guidance.

    They stole an airplane to fly to Sardinia. Trish explained that her mother and the Boss had gone on a vacation to Costa Smeralda. Before they boarded, they were approached by Carne, wielder of Notorious B.I.G. Mista killed him and that activated his Stand. Giorno lost both his hands to Notorious B.I.G., preventing him from using Gold Experience; but he had made his pendant transform into one of his hands before losing his hands. Trish then awoke her Stand, Spice Girl. She rescued Giorno's hand and dropped Notorious B.I.G. into the ocean.

    At Sardinia, Trish revealed that the Boss had taken a photo with her mother near a stone monument. Abbacchio attempted to rewind to that moment to see the Boss but the Boss appeared and killed him. Abbacchio had left a face image and hand imprints with clear fingerprints on the stone monument. The fingerprint was scanned into their laptop and Giorno hacked into the local police's database to search for a match but they came up empty. Trish suspected that her father, the Boss had killed Abbacchio.

    As Giorno was searching deeper, Polnareff contacted them through their laptop. He revealed the Boss' name as Diavolo. Polnareff directed them to meet him at the Coliseum at Rome to deliver an arrow to increase their power in order to defeat Diavolo. Diavolo then sent Cioccolata, wielder of Green Day, and Secco, wielder of Oasis to attack Passione. Giorno and Mista defeated Cioccolata. Buccellati fought Secco and brought the fight to the Coliseum, where he defeated Secco. Buccellati lost his sight in that fight.

    Battle Against Diavolo

    Diavolo himself appeared before Buccellati and he supported Buccellati to meet with Polnareff. Diavolo attacked Polnareff and he used the arrow on his own Stand, Silver Chariot to turn it into Silver Chariot Requiem. Silver Chariot Requiem put everyone in the city to sleep and switched Giorno's spirit with Narancia's. Polnareff's spirit switched with Coco Jumbo. He explained that they must retrieve the arrow from Silver Chariot Requiem.

    Soon after they woke up, Diavolo quickly disposed of Narancia. Giorno was able to return to his body. When they were chasing after Silver Chariot Requiem, Mista's pistol was damaged. Giorno noticed that the pistol had been damaged by an external force and suspected that Diavolo's spirit, is hiding in one of their bodies. Giorno then volunteered to check each one of them for the presence of Diavolo, claiming to be able to detect the number of spirits that are present in a person's body (it's unknown if Giorno truly has that ability). King Crimson erupted from Mista and attacked Giorno, severing his right arm. Trish summoned Spice Girl to attack, but Diavolo took control of her. He then rushed to Silver Chariot Requiem.

    Diavolo damaged Silver Chariot Requiem and obtained the arrow from him. Giorno broke the shaft of the arrow, Mista shot at him, and Trish delayed the bullets to injure Diavolo to cause him to drop the arrowhead. Buccellati defeated Silver Chariot Requiem and caused everyone's spirit to return to their original bodies. Buccellati's spirit then passed to the next world, thanking Giorno for giving him a reason to live. Giorno then obtained the arrow and pierced Gold Experience with it.

    Gold Experience then evolved into Gold Experience Requiem and absorbed the arrow. Diavolo attempted to attack Giorno again, but Gold Experience Requiem undid Diavolo's attack and pummeled him, defeating him. Giorno then became the Boss.


    Gold Experience

    Gold Experience's base ability is to imbue its target with life. Non-living objects can be turned into living organisms that carry the traits of the original object. Transformation options are limited only to Giorno's knowledge and creativity. If the organism is attacked, the damage will instead be reflected back at the attacker.

    If Gold Experience hits a living organism, it will experience hypersensitivity. The victim's senses will be greatly magnified, causing him or her to sense faster than the body can act, causing them to lose coordination. Damage that is inflicted by Gold Experience will also be greatly magnified. This makes up for its average strength.

    Later, Giorno discovered the ability to transform non-living objects into bodily material, allowing him to repair bodily damage by replacing lost flesh, blood, bone, and he is even able to replace entire body parts. This gives Giorno the ability to heal injuries. Unlike Josuke's Crazy Diamond, this is not a direct use of Gold Experience's ability, thus Giorno is able to heal himself. On the other hand, the process is rather painful.

    Gold Experience Requiem

    Gold Experience's Requiem form increases the power of its base ability. GER can also undo and nullify anything he doesn't want to happen within its range, including all forms of attacks. When GER kills its target, the victim will repeatedly experience death in a variety of ways which will loop for eternity.


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