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A rhythm game using a standerd controller? Madness!

Gitaroo man is one of the most unique and fun rhythm games ever game. A slew of weird Japanese characters and an amazing sound track with a style that makes it not look like total garbage today. In this game you use your analog stick during your guitar sections to follow a snake like path that goes towards the center of the screen to hurt your enemy. The other sections of the game involve you pressing the 4 face buttons on the d-pad as they rush towards the center from each side of the screen. This all works out to be extremely challenging in some stages while still being fun and rewarding at multiple levels of play. 

The Story

 The plot revolves around you trying to collect all the gitaroos but almost seemingly never explained why at first. Apparently they are the ultimate power in the universe but man do they ignore that topic. The main character U-1 is a nervous kid who wants to learn how to skateboard to impress a chick he knows. There of course is a big bully who wants to beat up U-1 all the time  His taking dog Puma explains to him that he should not bother learning to skateboard because his true talents will manifest though destiny or something apparently? So after fighting a demon, a flying saucer army, and a man that is also a bee. Puma forces gitaroo man into a spaceship and they fly into the stars. Once there you meet a girl who looks the exact same as the girl he has a crush on on earth and serenades her with the most perfect song. All of this ends with the main villain who happens to look exactly like the bully on earth capturing puma and then gitaroo man freeing everyone and battling the hot space lady but making her switch sides and then finally saving the day. Puma then takes them home and u-1 runs around with the earth hot lady of his desire. Its a classic tale that will be told more than once clearly. 

The Songs

Every stage in this game has amazing songs that you just won't get in a modern rhythm game anymore. Truly new and unique songs that Rock, Prog Metal, and Samba the way into your heart. Really those links speak for themselves 

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