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    Give My Regards to Broad Street

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1985

    Give My Regards to Broad Street is a game based on the Paul McCartney film of the same name.

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    Players must drive around London in search of band members, each of whom holds a key part of a missing song. Once all band members are found, the player returns to Abbey Road Studios to mix the song, ending the game. Clues as to the band members whereabouts are given in the form of times and tube stations the band members will appear at. Players must be timely, as arriving too early will get the car booted by police. Thugs roam the streets in cars, and smashing into any of them will also result in a reset back to the studio.

    Two of McCartney's songs, "Band on the Run" and "No More Lonely Nights," appear in the Commodore 64 version. Only the latter is heard in the ZX Spectrum version.


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