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    Glenn is a knight of the Acacia Dragoons. There are many parallels between Glenn and Frog from Chrono Trigger. His innate color is green.

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    Basic Information

     Glenn is a knight in the service of the Acacia Dragoons. He is Dario's younger brother and often pays tribute at Dario's grave with Riddel. He has an X-shaped scar on his cheek. In battle Glenn dual wields swords and has a green innate color.  


     When Lynx and General Viper became friends Glenn immediately suspected foul play. When Viper and the rest of the dragoons go to Fort Dragonia, Glenn stays behind.  
      Glenn can be met one of two ways.
      A) You found the Hydra Humor to cure Kid yourself. In this case Glenn decides to go to Fort Dragonia of his own accord. 
    B) You don't look for the Hydra Humor and meet Glenn in Termina. He decides to go with you to Fort Dragonia 
    He ends up going to Fort Dragonia with or without Serge's help to investigate what is going on. Once Serge and Lynx switch bodies Glenn returns to his home in Termina. He rejoins the party having found the holy sword Einlanzer. Later on in the game he believes he is being beckoned by Dario's evil sword Einlanzer in Home World. He decides to use both the good and evil blades at once.  

    How to recruit

     When given the option to help Kid get better by finding the Hydra Humor, don't. On the trip to Termina with Macha, Glenn can be found talking to the flower shop lady. When you return to the boat he will join the party.  


    Dash & Gash - Acquired at star level 3. Glenn dashes at the enemy and slashes them with his sword.  
    Sonic Sword - Acquired at star level 19. Glenn shoots green light from his sword at a single enemy. 
    Dive and Drive - Acquired at star level 40. Glenn throws a sword in the air that gets stuck in an enemy. He then jumps on top of them and rips it out. 


    Glenn shares a name with Frog from Chrono Trigger 
    Glenn's dual tech with Serge is called X-Strike. This is the same name as a dual tech shared by Frog and Crono in Chrono Trigger. 

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