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Glimmerati is a racing game developed by Bugbear Entertainment and published by Nokia for the N-Gage platform.


The player assumes the role of a street racer which after winning a race attracts the attention of the Club Glimmerati president. Club Glimmerati is an exclusive racing club filled with some of the greatest street racing celebrities who are living in luxury and racing in high stakes races.

As the newest member of Club Glimmerati the player is tasked with proving themself worthy of living the Glimmerati lifestyle.


Glimmerati is a racing game which is played from an almost top down perspective.

Once the start game option has been selecting on the main menu of the game there are several different modes of play.

  • Story Mode - This is the main progression mode of the game. The player works through several races in a set order with static cut scenes in between.
  • Quick Race - Quick race is a single race in which the player can choose between any track which has been previously unlocked through playing story mode.
  • Time Trial - Time trial mode tracks the players fastest times and keeps them in a high score table. Only tracks which have previously been unlocked in story mode can be played in time trial.
  • Multiplayer Race - Up to four players can play in a multiplayer session over Bluetooth.

Club Cards

A Club Card Example
A Club Card Example

Club Cards are small title cards that record a players progress through the story mode, track times, and rewards earned. On the players club card is the N-Gage Arena name as well as the character name. These Club Cards can be uploaded through the N-Gage Arena service or sent to another player via Bluetooth to someone in close proximity.


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