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    Glittermitten Grove

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 13, 2016

    Help faeries harvest berries and survive the cold winter in this game from Mostly Tigerproof.

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    Glittermitten Grove is a 2D strategy game that stars Fairies. The "true" nature of Glittermitten Grove is that hidden inside the game is the sequel to Frog Fractions, which takes the form here of an open-world mix of ZZT, Insanity, and The Legend of Zelda Glittermitten Grove was actually funded as a favor by Jim Crawford for his friend under the understanding that he could hide Frog Fractions 2 within it. Crawford has spoke about the possibility of releasing an expanded version of Glittermitten Grove if the game is successful.

    Prior to the release of the game, Crawford ran a successful crowd funding campaign for a sequel to Frog Fractions, however with the twist that upon release fans would have to "discover" where the game was hiding before backers would get access to their copies. Although the language used by Crawford seemingly implied the possiblity that users could fail to find the game's attached ARG, preventing him from ever releasing the FF2 content, in an interview with Giant Bomb, Crawford noted that he always planned to launch the content eventually.


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