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Global Agenda Review 0

I want to start off and say that I've been dreading doing this review for quite sometime now. It isn't that I don't like the game, I just kept wishing that there was more to this game that was going to be able to draw me in and make me say "holy crap everyone needs to get this game". It also helps/hurts that I actually know some of the people that made that magic happen. Global Agenda is a 3rd Person shooter in which you will be taking on 1 of 4 classes. You'll go through a tutorial with a cooki...

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Technical drawbacks and a few design choices hurt this game. 0

Global Agenda has a few interesting concepts and good art designs within this Massively Multiplayer Online Shooter, but these aspects are not enough to make me overlook the technical drawbacks and some poor design choices of the game.Gameplay: The gameplay in Global Agenda is a mixed bag of fun PvP (Player versus player) combat which works ok, and PvE (Player versus environment) dungeons which quickly becomes boring. The problem with the PvP being ok and PvE being boring is that for the first 10...

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