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    Glock 18

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    The G18 is a fully automatic machine pistol that was created for military use. It often features a extended magazine to accommodate its rapid rate of fire.

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    The Glock 18 automatic machine pistol is a variant of the Glock 17 requested by the Austrian EKO Cobra counter-terrorist unit for development in 1987. It usually uses a 33-round magazine because it can fire at a rate of 1100-1200 rounds per minute. It is unavailable to civilians, available only to the military.

    Game Appearances

    Army of Two

    Ao2's Glock 18, outfitted with all Tier 3 attachments
    Ao2's Glock 18, outfitted with all Tier 3 attachments

    In Army of Two, the Glock 18 is referred to as the 'G18C', similarly to how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 calls it a 'G18'. The weapon has decent enough damage and medium Aggro generation, but is generally overlooked due to the fact that its damage is drastically reduced when silenced. Damage is extremely poor with the Glock suppressed, but the high rate of fire goes some way to amend this issue. Like all weapons in Army of Two, the weapon can be both modified and 'pimped' with a custom gold plating and design. Initially the Glock appears to be extremely small, but it becomes bigger when modified and outfitted with a larger barrel.

    Nothing says 'Hard-Ass PMC' like a golden Glock
    Nothing says 'Hard-Ass PMC' like a golden Glock

    Oddly, the Glock 18 in Army of Two can be outfitted with a 48 round magazine, which is extremely large considering the size of the magazine loaded into the weapon. It does not seem likely to be able to fit 48 rounds into a magazine of the size shown, but it may be possible. When 'pimped', the design for the Glock 18 becomes different, but the power is not increased. It will up the weapon's Aggro generation, but the low damage means it may not be the best weapon to increase Aggro generation with.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    All across the world, players are screaming in rage after being killed by two of these things.
    All across the world, players are screaming in rage after being killed by two of these things.

    The Glock 18 is categorised as a 'Machine Pistol', under the 'Sidearms' heading in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. It has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, beating even the TDI Kriss Super V. It fires at 1100RPM, which is accurate to real-world information. The weapon can be dual wielded, doubling the fire rate to a massive 2200RPM. The 33-round magazine does not even seem sufficient considering the sheer rate of fire the weapon has. When on its own, the Glock 18 has high recoil and is a poor sidearm choice unless used by an experienced shooter. However, it is well known when used Akimbo, due to the tremendous stopping power and surprising range. Recoil is negated, as the weapons are really only effective at close range (and medium, to an extent). They can shred almost any target in a split-second, and are an aspect of the game commonly complained about. There is a reason that players have said the weapon is more effective when not aimed than when looking down the sights. Oddly, it is referred to during the game as a 'G18'. Accuracy with the G18 in-game is abysmal, as would be expected with such an extreme rate of fire in such a small weapon.

    Metal Gear SoliMd 4: Guns of the Patriots

    The G18C is one of the numerous weapons available to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4. It appears frequently in the hands of the militia members in South America, particularly during Act 2. It can be bought from Drebin during Act 3 for 8,000DP, and handles much like in both Army of Two and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with virtually no accuracy and an extreme rate of fire. It can be inaccurate even in close-quarters combat but if it connects with an enemy repeatedly it will kill in under a second of fire. As expected, it fires from the 33-round magazine which is to be expected from the game. The only issue is that the rate of fire will leave all but the most accurate of players running low. Statistics for the weapon are as follows:

    • Damage: D
    • Shock: D
    • Penetration: C
    • Stability: C
    • Reload: S
    • Lock: B

    Customization for the Glock 18 is limited; it can be fitted with a Flashlight but nothing else.

    Metal Gear Online

    In Metal Gear Online, the Glock 18 is available for purchase at 1,250DP. It is a favored sidearm for snipers and other long-range players due to its high rate of fire. It remains inaccurate but can be used with the Handgun+ trait to reduce most of the issues recoil produces.


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