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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 26, 1998

    Glover is a platform game that follows a four-fingered glove with magical powers.

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    Glover is a 3D platformer developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and PC.

    In 2022 a new PC port was developed by Piko Interactive that was built using the original source code of the Nintendo 64 version.


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    Glover begins with a wizard's experiment going wrong. The experiment causes an explosion which causes Glover to be thrown off his wearer and the other glove, Cross-Stitch, being thrown into the pot. The explosion has also turned the wizard into stone. Glover is thrown out of the castle by the explosion and the other glove has become corrupted and very evil. Cross-Stitch plans to turn the land into a desolate wasteland, but Glover turns the crystals into balls and must use them to save the land from utter destruction.


    In this game, players control Glover and his ball. There are crystals that the player must rescue using Glover's ball. His ball can be transformed to a bowling ball to crush and break things, a bouncy ball to jump higher, a metallic marble to help attacks, and a crystal ball to ride around on. Players can also collect potions in order to fight better. There are also cards called Garribs, that players can collect so they can unlock bonus levels.


    • Crystal Kingdom
    • Atlantis
    • Carnival
    • Pirates
    • Prehistoric
    • Fortress of Fear


    Glover received mixed reviews. Most critics stated that the game was very bland and suffered from awkward controls. The N64 version received positive reviews while the PlayStation port of the game got very negative feedback because the graphics were bad compared to the N64 version as well as other PlayStation games.


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