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    gm_construct is a map in Garry's Mod, which contains land and water areas, as well as an underground test room with very trippy wall effects.

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    gm_construct comes standard with Garry's Mod. Unlike other map, gm_flatgrass, Construct is more fleshed out; including a skybox with outer buildings and different areas. It can best be compared to as being like a movie set because of its multi-functionality.

    Construct is a favorite by players for its different areas and has been used as the setting for many screenshots and machinimas, though most players (mainly on developer forum, Facepunch) ridicule such works for being unimaginative.

    Like flatgrass, there are many player-created variations of the map with extra areas to 'shoot' or mess around on.

    Notable Areas

    The map's open area includes an area of land with a small pond parallel to it. The map is enclosed by an outer wall (with walking area) that, unlike flatgrass, acts as an artificial barrier between the player area and the skybox. There are two buildings on two ends. One building is a darkened room with a single light near its back wall. The next building is wider than the other and has a room with no light.

    Underneath the latter building is a large room with white walls that can be changed color with the Tool gun. This area is great for being used as a green screen.


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