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    These balls of fluff are a staple in the 'Croc' series of games. They raised Croc from a baby and it becomes Croc's mission to rescue them from the evil 'Baron Dante'.

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    The Gobbos are native to 'Forrest Island' and could be described as a race of small, round, fuzzy, bipedal mammals. There are actually two variants of Gobbo, those found on the island, and those found on the mainland. 

    Island Gobbos

    Croc holding an Island Gobbo 
    Croc holding an Island Gobbo 
    The Island Gobbo is usually considered the quintessential version, this small critter has a tail and doesn't wear clothes, it has brown fur.  
    Despite its deceiving appearance, the Island Gobbo can in fact speak, though the language it speaks would be gibberish to the human ear (the actual language of the Gobbo was created by recording the dialogue in english, then cutting and mixing the audio in order to create a 'babbling' effect). 
    The Island Gobbos also has a basic hierarchy, ruling under a king. They also have a primitive and somewhat quirky culture and are known for inventing weird, wonderful and redundant objects, such as the 'Wind Powered Cow Moistener' and 'Edible Deodorant'. 

    Mainland Gobbos

     Croc with a small Mainland child
     Croc with a small Mainland child
    The Mainland Gobbo differs from its Island counterpart by being considerably larger as well as the fact that they wear clothes, which hide their tail (assuming they have one), they are also orange. 
    Unlike the Island Gobbo, they tend to mimic different human groups and races in terms of culture and attire. 
    The Mainland Gobbo shares some similarities with their Island cousins however, including language and their monarch dominated hierarchy. 

    Finding Croc

     Que the montage music, i think we'll go with 'Hearts On Fire'
     Que the montage music, i think we'll go with 'Hearts On Fire'
    The finding of Croc occurred during the Gobbo 'Year of the Soupspoon', a baby Croc was found floating towards land by the Gobbo king 'Rufus'. After this unusual finding, the Gobbos took the young crocodile in as one of their own, training him as he grew larger by the day until he was roughly three times the size of his Gobbo 'Family'. 

    Dante's Arrival

    After years of peaceful existence with their adopted 'son', the Gobbo's were suddenly terrorized by the evil Baron Dante, who, along with his loyal 'Dantini' followers, made quick work of the peaceful Gobbos and captured them all, including their King. Croc was the only one who escaped the invasion thanks to interference by King Rufus before his capture. As soon as Croc was safe however, he began on his journey to rescue all the Gobbos from the evil Baron. 

    The Gobbos in Croc 2

    At the beginning of Croc 2, Croc discovers evidence that suggests his real parents are somewhere looking for him, with this, King Rufus informs Croc that he needs to travel a great distance in order to search for them. He does this with the aid of the Gobbos, who construct a catapult that flung him towards the mainland, where he would find, and aid, a whole new variety of Gobbo. 

    Gobbos in Gameplay

    In gameplay, Gobbos were used as collectable items, with Croc needing to save the Gobbos from Dante's forces. This was especially the case in the first game, where the player would have to collect six Gobbos (as well as five colored crystals) in order to progress through the level.

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