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    Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1992

    More crazy puzzles in this sequel to the first Goblins game. Goblins Fingus and Winkle are tasked with saving the King's son, who has been captured by a demon and turned into his jester.

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    Gobliins: The Prince Buffoon is an adventure game sequel from French developers Coktel Vision with a heavy emphasis on co-operative, timing-based puzzles like the others in the Gobliiins series. It is the follow-up to Gobliiins, though it changes the protagonists and reduces their number from three to two. To compensate, many of the game's "regions" take up several screens and the puzzles require more elaborate teamwork to complete.

    Gobliins 2 stars two goblins: Fingus, an introvert who is intelligent, polite and good with machines; and Finkle, who is extroverted, vulgar and tends to resort to brute force. Both goblins react to different hotspots in the environment - buttons, NPCs and items - in different ways, and understanding how they differ in their approaches is key to solving the game's puzzles.

    The game was released for home computers in Europe in 1992. It was later added to mobile devices and to the catalog of digital distributor GOG in a bundle with the other two Gobliiins games.


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