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Frantic, fun and perfectly balanced. 0

Most people know of God Hand for the PlayStation 2, developed by the late Clover Studio, not as one of Shinji Mikami's masterpieces ranking alongside, or perhaps even above his Resident Evil 4 in quality, but as either a stiff, ugly mess of a game not worth anyone's time, or a game whose main appeal lies in its abundance of ridiculous, referential cutscenes and its hilarious ending theme. This is one of the most unfortunate misunderstandings in recent video game history. God Hand is not an espec...

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Hard as nails but fun as hell 0

So if I had to describe God Hand in one word it would be 'FUN'. Now that may seem like a very basic and cliche word to describe it but it really sums up the game nicely. You can tell 'FUN' was at the fore-front of everything Clover wanted to achieve in this game. This game takes us back to the days of the brawler, which has become quite a barren genre after the 16-bit days past. Were not introduced to any long-winded introduction and put straight into the action right after the game boots up. An...

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You're Not Alexander: 100% Manly Review 2

God Hand is a game in which you play as manly man Gene, armed with the holy weapon known as the God Hand. The world is somewhere between Fucked Up and Hokuto No Ken, and you can tell. You are out to stop the 4 devas, comprised of 3 demons and a gay guy with another God Hand, from summoning the demon god, Andra. Why? He doesn't want the insane and hot female lead, Olivia, to chop off his new hand If your looking for a deep story, then you might as well get off here. God Hand is sort of a send up ...

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good hand 1

this game is not for everyone. you've probably heard that before, but it's true. it's also sad, because i wish everyone could have as big of a blast with this game as i had. my brother and i finished the game on the easy difficulty setting, and immediately started playing again on a harder difficulty: it's just that fun. wasn't that fun when i first started playing. yeah, of course, i was enjoying the game's bizarre humor from the moment the game loaded, but gameplay-wise, i was a littl...

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A Ball Bustingly Hard Game 1

God Hand is the swan song game by developer Clover Studio, best known for their games in the "Viewtiful Joe" series as well as the stylish action-adventure game "Okami." It is a beat 'em up game set in a post-apocalyptic, science fiction backdrop with numerous queues from the anime; "Fist of the North Star." The game puts you in the role of a young man named Gene who, after a fated meeting with a girl named Olivia, gains possession of the Godhand, a divine weapon that bestows upon its user grea...

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A challenging, but very fun game. 0

God Hand is the final game from Clover Studio. It's a fun beat-em-up that doesn't take itself seriously at all and has a lot of depth under the hood. It's got some nice length to it, it took me slightly under 11 hours to complete the game on normal the first time through.You have a motherload of damaging moves at your disposalGod Hand features a fantastic combat system that's completely customizable through the main menu. A dynamic difficulty setting also makes it one of the most challenging gam...

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A great beat them up game 0

Gene is a 23 year old with the power of god in his hand thus the name of the game God hand. Belze wants the god hand, with the help of Arel, Elvis, Shannon, and their minions go after Gene for the god hand. In the game you have 114 techniques to use and buy and you can make up combos with them. There are 29 roulette moves; you must have orbs to use this. Some take 1 other that are stronger take 2 or 3. And there’s the God hand when the bar goes gold you can unleash the power of the god hand. The...

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This game may slap me around like a chump, but returning the favor is never not satisfying. 0

Games that boast high difficulty and challenge ride the delicate line between being skill-demanding or just downright obnoxious, often separated by whether or not tools or abilities are available to the player to let them overcome such adversity or if the scales are tipped so drastically in favor of the game that it’s an exercise in insanity trying to win. At first I had God Hand penned on the latter end of the spectrum, but after some practice and application of learned techniques I&rsquo...

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