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    God Mode

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    God Mode is an ability, often entered through a cheat code, that gives the player god-like abilities.

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    A classic cheat in gaming for decades, God Mode usually imbues the player with the powers of invincibility. When included as a cheat code, God Mode has also been known to provide the player with certain abilities and effects beyond general invincibility. These can include incredibly powerful weapons, a change in camera perspective, and access to previously unreachable areas.


    Featured prominently in games across almost every genre, God Mode is more often associated with games on the PC than any other platform, due primarily to the player's ability to access the game's development console.

    Doom - 1993 - PC

    Activated with the classic cheat code IDDQD, "Degreelessness Mode" as it's called in Doom, activates the most basic form of God Mode, giving the player complete invulnerability from all damage.

    Rise of the Triad - 1995 - PC

    Unique among first-person shooters, Rise of the Triad was known for its extreme craziness, involving many modes, weapons, and special effects usually not found within the genre. In following with the rest of the game's content, God Mode in Rise of the Triad is as literal as it's possible to be, changing the player into an invincible God-like being. In addition to deifying, the mode also raises the camera perspective several feet and allows the player to launch deadly "Godfire" from his hand while moaning with omnipotent delight.

    Naturally Occurring God Mode - Invincibility Powerups

    Some games include a temporary form of God Mode as powerups that players can pick up as they play. These usually grant a few seconds of invulnerability to make an escape or attack enemies without needing to worry about dying in the process. The most prominent example of an invincibility powerup is the classic Starman from the Super Mario franchise.

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