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    God of War: Ascension

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 12, 2013

    Before he was a God, Kratos was a man. A prequel, God of War: Ascension is the fourth major title of the God of War series, and Kratos' final outing on the PS3. It is the first to include a multiplayer component.

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    God of War: Ascension is the fourth major God of War release, not counting two additional PSP games. A prequel to the entirety of the God of War franchise (including Chains of Olympus), Ascension is set 6 months after Kratos condemns his soul to Ares for power and kills his own family. To fit in with this particular time-frame, Kratos does wield the Blades of Chaos.

    A first for the series, Ascension introduced multiplayer to the franchise.

    Single Player

    6 months after Kratos killed his wife and daughter, he was sent to the Hecatonchires prison by Ares and the Furies for betraying Ares. Megaera prepares to torture Kratos but broke free. Megaera rubs her chest and it released insects and it even infected Aegaeon's hand and mouth, making it a hybrid. He killed Megaera and Aegaeon. Two weeks ago, Kratos was helped by Orkos, who told Kratos to go to Delphi to find Aletheia.

    Kratos killed Pollux and Castor and found the Amulet of Uroborus. He went to Delos to do the trial of Archimedes. He was taken by the Furies. In the present, Kratos took the Eyes of Truth and the Amulet back from Megaera's corpse.

    After Kratos killed Tisiphone and Alecto, Orkos wanted Kratos to kill Ares. Kratos pledged that he won't shed innocent blood. So, Kratos killed Orkos who keeps oaths. He suffered the truth which led to him serving the other gods.

    Kratos does wield chain blades and has his skin whitened by his family's ashes. During this section, Kratos has his traditional blade attacks, grapple attacks that draw him toward enemies, and enemy finishers.

    New to the franchise are finishers with subtle prompts, dynamic time powers, and enemy weapon pick-ups. As with other God of War titles, players can stagger foes and enact finishers, such as ripping an enemy's head off. Unlike previous games, the foes now have a edged bar above their heads to indicate stagger rather than a giant (circle) floating.

    Kratos can manipulate objects in time with the Amulet of Uroborus. He can set an area of influence and reconstruct a destroyed platform. He can do so along a progression where partial reconstruction allows him to climb up floating girders and total reconstruction allows him to go up a now-functioning elevator.

    While previous games allows Kratos to use only specific weapons, some picked up from boss encounters, Ascension allows the player to pick up weapons dropped by any enemy. These weapons have their own combo chains and unique attacks.

    Multi Player

    Competetive team multiplayer is the significant new component of God of War: Ascension, and the first multiplayer featured in the series. It is designed to bring a co-operative team based nature to the core gameplay. Each player starts by selecting a nameless combatant, who may be customised through a levelling system, which affects their armour and weapons. They may further pledge allegiance towards a God, which provide additional special abilites. The Gods are characters from previous God of War titles, including:

    Kratos is not featured in the multiplayer.

    Favor of the Gods

    This is a multiplayer game mode where players must win a total of 8000 points by either finding altars or killing a giant Cyclops. To make it more challenging, the Gods will also occasionally disrupt the game by killing the Cyclops instantly.


    Blades of Chaos

    Kratos' signature weapons, forged by the God of War, Ares in the fires of Hades.


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