Who's gonna be in the Beta tonight?

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#1 Posted by Marcsman (3597 posts) -

I'm kinda curious to how this will play. Anybody else curious or playing tonight?

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#2 Posted by Sackmanjones (5512 posts) -

I'm pretty curious as well. Will definitely download it and give it a go, that is if it actually works when it goes live

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#3 Posted by Marcsman (3597 posts) -

Oops I forgot about that. I hope it works.................

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#4 Edited by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

I tried about half a match but I turned it off because I went to eat. It seems good but I just started so my character sucks, therefore, I can't really kill people who have been playing it already.

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#5 Posted by Sackmanjones (5512 posts) -

Just finished playing my second match.  It seems like some very stupid multiplayer fun. It's like who can mash the most buttons in the correct order the best. So yeah, its really kind not needed but is fine. I'm sure some people will get hooked on it.

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#6 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10206 posts) -

@Sackmanjones: I played about 5 or 6 matches, the combat system is fairly simple but also has a solid amount of nuance to it, it's not super smash brothers for sure. It's basically just God of War but in a multiplayer setting which is great; there's several attack strings and interesting character-action game type combos that require decent timing to execute. Most players are pretty dumb though so it's not too hard to go 10-4 or what have you just because you know how to parry. At the same time smarter players will begin strings with charge attacks that you can't parry and you have very useful CD type abilities to increase your damage output that you can combo into and out of with. Team mode seems better than FFA for a variety of reasons.

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#7 Posted by rubberluffy (736 posts) -

Haven't cared about GoW since the first one, but I figured why not give this beta a try. I actually am having a lot of fun. It's not super deep and sometimes it feels like stuff happens for no real reason, but killing 3 dudes in a row and barely surviving feels pretty badass. Got an Ares+hammer character to level 11 and decided to give a Zeus+sword character a try, got it to level 8, and I think I like it more. Lightning magic is pretty awesome, especially catching 3 guys in Lightning Storm.

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#8 Posted by Nodima (1971 posts) -

Playing with people who've obviously played a lot of God of War (I recently replayed the original GoW, but that's also the only one I've played) is very different than playing with some people just fucking around. I was getting thrown all over the place against more seasoned players; I don't know if they had better weapons, armor or what, to me it's sort of hard to tell if a character is going to beat your ass or not until they start wailing on you which is kind of frustrating.

So far I'm mostly having a good time, but I can tell it's a pretty niche idea. They should have thrown in a few more maps or play styles just to test out how the variety feels.

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#9 Posted by Lava (737 posts) -

I played around with it last night and it seemed alright. I'll have to put more time into it before I really form an opinion but I was having fun.

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#10 Posted by bearshamanbro (294 posts) -

Thought it has a lot of potential and I was having fun. Has a real nice blend of combat, team objectives, platforming elements.  Overall, this was a surprise to me. Went from not really interested to closely watching the progress of the game.

  • Waiting to see how varied the levels, items, and abilities are in the final game though. Even though I was getting new stuff as I played longer, none of them seemed to really change the way I played the game.Think the success of this will be tied to how much you can individualize your character from others.
  • Would be much more interesting if there were more base models to choose from that had different base characteristics. Right now everyone is pretty much exactly the same guy with just different equipment. Would bring in more variety and strategy to have for example a quicker guy, standard guy, bigger slower guy.
  • Camera is OK. Realize why they have to have it zoomed out to see level elements, but it hurts the combat sometimes. Hard to read the animation of opponents when they're so small. Also, when there are like 5 guys in one area it's a little impossible to see what's going on. 
  • Seems to be some nice depth to the combat once you get past mashing. You can swing cancel (cool) and do other interesting strings like square> square>parry or square>dodge> parry. Playing other skilled players is pretty fun.
  • Thought the UI was confusing. Took too long to identify unlocked items and the abilities area was really confusing.
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#11 Posted by carnifexseverian (73 posts) -

@bearshamanbro: I pretty much agree with everything you said. The menu UI could definitely be improved and I also found myself losing track of my character when multiple people were on screen.

I kind of wish they would have gone with a more individual character approach, something more like a fighting game or a Moba. A set characters with unique abilities that you could master, while using equipment and relics to augment and customize their playstyles. How it stands now resembles more of a multiplayer shooter approach where everyone has a base model and separate loadouts to tweak that model.

All that aside I actually find the gameplay pretty fun. I've only put a couple of hours into it but I've been surprised at how well the netcode is. I haven't noticed any lag and have experienced no disconnects. The matches just roll one after another with not a lot of downtime which is nice.

The multiplayer in general doesn't feel that deep or complex, but when paired with what I expect to be a GoW3 level single player game, it seems like a pretty good value. I can see this being similar to the Uncharted 2 package where you get a nice, full single payer game with a fun, arcady multiplayer mode added on. Not bad at all.

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#12 Posted by Meltac (2008 posts) -

Saw this on the store yesterday, but didn't really care. Reading this makes me sort of interested, but I'm still on the fence, since I didn't really enjoy God of War 3 (though 1 and 2 are some of my favorite games) and I'm not the biggest fan of multiplayer. Maybe I'll download it later today.

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