God of War III

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Mar 16, 2010

    God of War III puts players back in the role of Kratos to continue his brutal and bloody war against Olympus as he sets his sights on Zeus himself.

    turboman's God of War III (PlayStation 3) review

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    Haiku Review: God Of War III

       This is the Haiku Review, where I fully review a game in seventeen syllables, in a 5-7-5 format, letting you know everything to expect from beginning to end for this game. 
    God of War 3 Haiku Review by TurboMan :
     Time to kill Hades. 
    I forgot to hit circle. 
    Start over again.   
    Now meditate on the haiku to really get a sense of if it's worth checking out.           

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      A funny thing happened a few hours into God of War III: it became really, really amazing. Perhaps it was the over hyping of the first 30 minutes that so many previews had gushed about. Perhaps it was the considerable increase in hack’n’slashery that I had done this year. Maybe it was even the incredibly misguided Platinum trophy runs of Dante’s Inferno that I had done, but I just was not into this game at all. The giant bosses, the same combat I had played with twice before, and the puzzles whic...

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      Vengeance Ends Here... The God of War III Review 0

       Please note - This review and the videos being shown may contain spoilers, so read and watch at your own risk if you have not beaten the game yet. The God of War franchise has been unrivaled in terms of pushing the action genre and the Playstation consoles to their limits with amazing graphics, an epic sense of scale, memorable battles against foes that are way bigger than Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, and one of the best theatrical scores in the gaming business. God of War III has been a long t...

      32 out of 37 found this review helpful.

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