Is there a good plot summary anywhere ?

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It's been years since I last played a God of War game, the PS3 release of God of War 3 was the last I played any of them, and outside of just looking up their respective Wikipedia articles, I was wondering if anyone had seen a good plot summary of the previous games to catch me back up.

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Not what youre asking for, but when i went on youtube to look for GoW4 trailers i saw a lot of "what you need to know before..." type videos and "god of war to this point in x minutes"

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@travisrex: Yeah, I saw some of those, thank you, but the ones that came up for me were mostly leading up to God of War 3, which is my biggest hole in my God of War knowledge. I can't seem to really remember anything about that game for some reason, I don't even remember if I finished it :\

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In the begining, dudes got got horrifically...

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@maxszy: Thats exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to find with this new release, awesome, thanks dooder!

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