PS4 Pro is a furnace and this game is the coal

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I just bought the PS4 pro as well as God of War after trading in my original PS4 500gb and holy shit does this thing pump out heat. I am sure it has been discussed elsewhere before because this is unnoticeable. Look, this would have been welcome 2-3 weeks ago when it was still winter, but now that we decided to skip Spring and go right for Summer it's almost unbearable in my tiny room. I mean, it has to add at least 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit to my room. Anyone else having this new dilemma with the sudden heat on the northern hemisphere(or at least the US east coast)?

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#2 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1207 posts) -

This is why I game in the living room now. Bedroom will always be hell in the summers.

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You thin that's bad, you should try playing it on a launch PS4 :D I get the heat AND the jet engine noise. I can tell when a game is really pushing the system because of what point of take off the system is at.

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#4 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

The weird thing is the fan is loudest during the dwarf shop screens of all things

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#5 Posted by Justin258 (15690 posts) -

I'm on a PS4 Slim. While it has made my room toasty before, it hasn't been anything that my ceiling fan can't handle.

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#6 Posted by glots (4390 posts) -

@frostyryan: I believe it’s happening because there’s no frame limit set for when you’re browsing the shop menu/map, so the FPS can just go fully bonkers. It’s the exact same thing with Far Cry 5 and few other games, so some devs just don’t care enough to fix it, I guess, or it’s too much trouble to bother with.

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#7 Posted by handlas (3405 posts) -

@frostyryan: Really? Mine kicks up really loud during the fast travel parts.

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@glots: yeah I remember witcher 3's menus running at 60fps. it's super weird. like, why even uncap the frames during menus of all things?

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I never hear mine at all, I guess because I have the volume pretty damn loud (the world serpent talking shakes my entire house it feels like). But I will agree with the Pro's heat. Thankfully I only feel it when I'm near the system and it does nothing to heat up my living room. But wow when you place your hand on the wall behind the PS4 it's warm as hell, maybe 6in away from the wall is a bit too close.

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More power means more heat, it's to be expected. Don't worry about it.

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I have a vanilla PS4 I clean regularly and dust and have noticed no noise or excess heat even after excessive playing this weekend.

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Have just recently replaced the thermal paste in my pro. Will report back with an update a few days after I break her back in. Results so far seem to be 1000% better.

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@sasnake said:

More power means more heat, it's to be expected. Don't worry about it.

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My PS4 amateur has been roaring and toasting up my room as well lately. Should really give it a blast of compressed air sometime. Or attempt to move all its components to a desktop PC case w/ larger, quieter fans because I can (?).

I obviously know why it does it, but I still find it funny and a little disconcerting that the fans continue to rev for a few minutes after I put it into rest mode.

(I should really go clean it out now)

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#14 Posted by SASnake (612 posts) -
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Just an update on my experiment - PS4 Pro is now whisper quiet in God Of War and other games that would typically push the fans hard. Replaced my thermal paste with some noctua nth1 took around 30mins. I’ve got a launch Pro and the paste inside seemed fine but this has improved it drastically.

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