Some quest rewards not triggering?

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On two quest so far I have noticed that I haven’t received every reward. For example, I finished a treasure hunt and I got every reward except the rare enchantment. The same thing happened on a different quest with an axe pommel.

At first I thought that they might just become available in the shop but I can’t find them there either. I have beaten side quests and received all of the rewards before so it’s inconsistent but it’s really annoying.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or is there something I’m missing?

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Was it the treasure hunt where the treasure is found near that dwarven door, in the same general area where Otr is located? If so, I never received the rare enchantment either.

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@rubberbabybuggybumpers: I did receive the enchantment for the one you’re talking about. The one I didn’t receive one for involves a shipwreck. I didn’t receive the axe pommel for finishing the lost souls quest. It definitely sounds like something is up.

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I think I figured out the problem. You gotta upgrade your armor pieces to get the enchantment slots. Once you've opened up a slot, you can press square to go to the enchantments tab. You'll find the missing enchantments.

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