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    GODS Engine

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    GODS (Game Oriented Development System) is the game engine used by Data Design Interactive.

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    Data Design Interactive's GODS engine is a multi-platform game engine used in their numerous games. It allows for easy development of games for the PlayStation 2, PC, and Wii. It has been heavily criticised for being a terrible game engine.


    Advanced Controller Management

    The engine sports several control updates for the Wii.

    User Interface Enhancements

    GODS provides a standardised interface across all games, and new assets can easily be implemented without the need for re-coding.

    Graphical Improvements

    GODS is able to take advantage of the Wii's improved graphical capabilities, implementing environment mapping and bump mapping improvements. The particle effect system has also been rewritten to take better advantage of the hardware, new blurring effects have been added, and the Wii versions of existing titles feature improved texture resolutions.


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