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    Godzilla: Domination

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 11, 2002

    Take control of a monster and fight your way to save humanity from Meteor X.

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    Godzilla: Domination! is a beat 'em up style fighting game that closely resembles SNK's King of the Monsters series. Meant to be a portable version of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, it was the first and only Godzilla release on the Game Boy Advance.


    The city Tokyo 2 is being affected by magnetic waves emanating from a mysterious meteor that appears over the city. Labeled as Meteor X, it's magnetic waves causes monsters on Earth to go on a berserk rampage. Only one monster remains immune from the magnetic waves and must destroy Meteor X, with all of humanity's hope in this one monster it battles on.

    Game Modes

    • Story Mode
    • Versus Mode
    • Custom Mode

    Playable Monsters

    • Godzilla:  The King of the Monsters.
    • King Ghidorah:  A three-headed dragon from space.
    • Mechagodzilla:  A robot built by mankind to counter the threat of Earth's monsters.
    • Megalon:  The Beetle God of a long forgotten civilization.
    • Mothra:  A giant moth and the protector of Infant Island.
    • Rodan:  A giant pterodactyl.


    • Glacier
    • Meteor Z
    • Moon Base
    • Nova
    • Tokyo

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