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The game takes place on the year 20XX when Planet X crosses orbits with Pluto. All of a sudden Planet X starts to inhabit neighboring planets with its legion of space monsters. Successfully conquering every planet in its path it sets its eyes on planet Earth which is the home to the two monsters that inhabit it, Godzilla and Mothra. Now it's up to both of these monsters to save humanity from the legion of monsters from Planet X.


The gameplay of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters is very chess-like. The player moves around a hexagon shaped board (planet), in which every hexagon represents a level. The monsters each have a limit to how many spaces they can move. Godzilla, for example, can move two spaces, while Mothra, the other monster that the player can control, can move four spaces. Each planet has bosses, the first planet, Earth, is the only one that starts off with two bosses.

There are two options for fighting the monsters before taking on the levels on the planet: A) Either fight their way and make it to them battle hardened; or B) Take the easy approach and click on one of the two hero monsters over and over again until the evil monsters make it all the way to them and fight the enemies as they come. Although the latter method will not work on later planets, as they are much larger. As the player defeats bosses, they don't simply die and disappear. What they do is they respawn on other planets and the player must fight them all over again including the new planet's boss. This is true for every single monster with the exception of the last one because there's no planet after him. The bosses range from very easy to very hard to simply just plain annoying.


These are the monsters that come out in the game:


These are the planets the game takes place:

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