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Low budget cash-in

It shouldn't surprise anyone to see a second-rate Godzilla product, but the Big G's latest adventure takes it to a new level. Godzilla: Monster of Monsters is a 2D side scroller from Compile which leaves a lot to be desired.

You play as either Mothra, or Godzilla fighting the nefarious Planet X with kicks, tail whips, and cheesy-looking atomic breath. If your Mother, you shoot fire balls from your head...because thats what Mothra does arrantly. After Earth and Planet X engaged in warfare, somehow Godzilla cared enough to fly up into space and bust-up some aliens. But hey, how many Godzilla narratives are fleshed out? The actual gameplay involves your monster of choice moving across a hexagon-like board to fight against a boss monster. This hexagon board is an unnecessary distraction, and could have been replaced with simple level progression. Before the final confrontation against Gigan, Mogera (who is evil in the game for some reason) Ghidora, Mecha-Godzilla, Hedora, and other various foes from the Godzilla saga, Godzilla and Mothra will travel through unimaginative levels crushing space ships, and blowing up random structures.

Not much to say on Godzilla: Monster of Monsters but that its a mediocre side scroller, with second rate gameplay mechanics. Lame-ass boss fights, annoying music, and the constant battle against the control make King Ghidora look like a flower girl. Simply put, don't play this game, play Destroy All Monster Melee. By playing Godzilla: Monster of Monsters (terrible name, right?) your sending a clear message that your willing to pay for crap if it has the right name on it.

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