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    Godzilla Online

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 20, 1998

    Godzilla Online was a multiplayer only game based on the 1998 film "Godzilla" from Centropolis Entertainment. Players assumed the role of the Soldier, Scientist, Baby Godzilla, or Reporter and competed in various match types in arenas that were similar to locations in the movie; gaining EXP to progress through ranks.

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    Godzilla Online is a fast-paced action game that takes place soon after the events of the 1998 reboot film Godzilla. New York City has come under attack by newly hatched Baby Godzillas. Players can assume the role of a soldier with his sights set on eradicating the baby Godzillas. Scientists attempt to take blood samples of the baby Godzillas while defending themselves from the soldiers and the new baby godzilla threat. Baby Godzillas strive to evolve into a larger Godzilla while defending themselves against soldiers and scientist. The Reporters main goal is to film all the chaos between the three opposing groups and avoiding getting killed at all costs. 
    Godzilla Online is further noteworthy, as it is one of the few games (and fewer multiplayer games) to use voxels to render its characters and environments.


    There are four roles to choose from in Godzilla Online.  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and depending on the match mode, can either be on teams or against each other. Also, each role gains experience points, and can progress through ranks to become stronger.


    The soldier carries standard military equipment such as assault rifles and rocket launchers, and their main goal is to eliminate the Baby Godzillas.  

    • Machine Gun - The basic weapon of the soldier class. Has infinite ammo, fires in three round bursts and has bullet tracers to assist player aim.
    • Shotgun - A pump action shotgun. Holds ten rounds and does more damage than the Machine Gun.
    • Rocket Launcher - Hard hitting rocket. Low ammo and a slower moving projectile than the Shotgun or Machine Gun, but does a large amount of damage.
    • Hand Grenade - A thrown explosive. Executing a good throw can be tricky but does a considerate amount of damage and can be bounced off walls.
    • Fired Grenade - CO2 fired. Allows extra long range when throwing this grenade.
    • Proximity Mine - A sneaky device. Placed on the ground and does devastating damage to those who come in contact with it.
    -- Soldier ammo pickups are scattered around each arena and are green. 
    Class Information
    • With the exception of the Machine Gun. All the other weapons have limited ammo and will require the ammo pickups around the arena.
    • Soldiers can use medkits to heal some of the damage they have taken. These are scattered around the arena and require the soldier to be completely stopped to use.
    • Standing on a Proximity Mine is a great way to create a sneaky trap.
    • Soldiers gain service points by competing in matches. The soldier will rise in rank from Private through General.


    The scientist's main goal is to search out baby Godzillas and take blood samples while using his array of futuristic weapons to defend himself against Soldiers and Baby Godzillas. His weapons can stun his opponents and can do damage as well. The Scientist was not available on release, but was added after v0.53 (May 1998). 
    • Capacitive Dart - The basic weapon of the Scientist class. Has infinite ammo but shoots only single shots.
    • Air Taser - Electrical weapon. Delivers a damaging shock to anything it hits but drains the scientists battery in the process.
    • Stun Baton - A beefed-up taser. Does a large amount of damage and can stun an enemy for several seconds. But has a short range and drains the scientists battery.
    • Pepper Spray - A stream of pepper spray. Does damage to any enemy who comes in contact with it.
    • Pepper Grenade - A thrown object. When it explodes, a cloud of pepper spray is created for a few seconds, damaging any enemy that comes in contact with it.
    • Foam - A sticky substance. Placed on the ground and drastically reduces the movement speed for a few seconds to those who come in contact with it.
    -- Scientist ammo pickups are scattered around each arena and are orange.
    Class Information
    • Scientists regenerate health over time.
    • With the exception of the Capacitive Dart. All other weapons will require Battery, Pepper, and Foam pickups around the arena.
    • Scientists can take DNA samples from dead Baby Godzillas. Only once sample can be taken from each body.
    • Foam allows for easy escape from bad situations.
    • Scientists gain points for competing in matches. The scientist can eventually attain the rank of Lab Director.

    Baby Godzilla

    The Baby Godzillas begin as hatchlings and are equipped with melee attacks and breath weapons to destroy the Soldiers and Scientist. Baby Godzillas can also eat colored fish to grow stronger and more powerful.
    Baby Godzilla
    Baby Godzilla
    • Baby Bite - A Swift attack. A basic attack, this attack is quick but does low damage to enemies.
    • Tail - Random stun. The tail attack has wide range and a random chance to stun the enemy for two seconds, but only does average damage.
    • Baby Breath - Highly corrosive steam. A projectile attack that does a large amount of damage, but can only be used sparsely.
    • Baby Lunge - Leap through the air. A powerful attack that launches the Baby Godzilla towards the enemy target.
    Class Information
    • Eating gray colored fish restores some lost health.
    • Eating colorful fish helps evolve the Baby Godzilla from stage one to eventually stage three. Evolved Baby Godzillas are faster and stronger.
    • Using  breath attacks will lower your strength and eventually disallow use until some strength is regained.
    • Baby Godzillas can use the Tail attack to hit an enemy in front or behind them.
    • The Lunge attack can also be used to escape from a bad situation.
    • Baby Godzillas acquire points for competing in matches and eventually rise to the rank of Adolescent.


    The Reporter is a non-violent class that attempts to get the chaos on film between the three other classes while avoiding getting killed himself. The Reporters video feed can be viewed by other players in and out of the game to assist them in locating where the action is taking place.
    • Camera - Video feed. Not really a weapon at all, but is used to film other players in the areas, and give a heads up to other players in the arena or in the Map Room.
     Class Information
    • The Reporter does not participate in the action; he films it.
    • While filming another player, the Reporter receives the same amount of points as his target.
    • Ducking negates any damage taken.
    • Green Room viewers of your camera feed can net you extra points in the match.
    • By filming players in action, the reporter gains Ratings Points and can rise from Cub Reporter through Anchor Man.

    Match Types

    Godzilla Online offers several different types of killing to engage in. 

    Free For All

    All-out chaos is afoot here. Be the first player to reach the designated amount of kills. 

    Team Deathmatch

     In the same light as Free For All. But players can pick to side with either the Blue or Yellow team. If chosen by the match creator, humans and Baby Godzillas can be on the same team.


    A capture the flag style team game. Players of the Blue and Yellow teams search the arena looking for randomly placed Godzilla eggs. Once found, the players must return to base and defend against the opposing team trying to steal them. First team to hold all eggs wins the game.

    Escape from NYC

    An escape style match type. Baby Godzillas must eat colorful fish to evolve into three stages to escape. Humans must kill the Baby Godzillas to keep them from evolving. The match is won by enough Baby Godzillas escaping, or enough Baby Godzillas killed.

    Last Man

    Last Man Standing! Players have two minutes to join up once the match was started. Once time is up, no new players can enter the arena and the match begins. Each player inside the match receives two lives, once these are depleted the player is out. The last player alive wins the match.


    Arenas were all enclosed areas based on various New York City landmarks.  Many were built like small mazes, leading into central battle areas were players congregated (like the court in Madison Square Garden).  Multiple copies (or "shards") of each map ran concurrently, and players could select matches through an in-game server browser.
    The first three maps were: 
    • Madison Square Garden
    • Fulton Fish Market
    • 23rd Street Subway Station
    The Manhattan Museum of Art and Wall Street were two new arenas added after v0.53. 

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