Goemon's Great Adventure

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 22, 1999

    Goemon's Great 2.5D sidescroller.

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    Goemon and friends once again go on adventure. This time to stop Bismaru, who's stolen Wise Man's Ressurection machine.

    The 2nd N64 game in the Goemon franchise, Goes to a sidescrolling format. Players can choose between the characters Goemon, Ebisumaru, Sasuke, or Yae. There's also a two player co-operative mode, so grab a friend.


    Goemon's Great Adventure is a game that has some relation to Mystical Ninja, however a few key differences are made in the game this time around. Instead of making the game a 3D based world to explore, Goemon's Great Adventure is a 2D side scrolling adventure this time around and even a 2nd Player can join in and play the game. Another thing they took out is now the game has a smaller health bar then the previous game, now only taking three hits instead of collecting fortune dolls to increase your health. You can also buy armor to give you 3 more health points and can store food so when your character loses all of it's health, you have another chance to complete the game. The fortune dolls this time around serves as weapon upgrades, eaching containing three sets of weapons to get. However, taking a hit will revert your weapon back to normal, leaving you at a disadvantage when facing enemies tougher then you.

    Another key thing they added in this game is they added more Impact fights. These fights are very much like the first one but this time, you have more bosses to fight and get more tougher as you progress in the story, adding more health to the robot boss as well as adding more moves in order to to throw the player off.


    The game is centered on Goemon and his friends trying to story his best friend's sister from using a powerful machine to control the dead. The game is set up that you start at a certain point and then have to beat the level in order to collect Gate Passes. Once you collect enough passes, you can advance to that area's castle and face the boss of that area and move on to the next.

    You start off at Edo and encounter that not only must you pass all the levels, but going into a town of that area will allow you to replay a certain level but with tasks to do in order to collect more passes. Once you have enough passes, you enter Edo Castle and encounter that Impact, Goemon's robot from the first game, has gone insane and started attacking the castle. After climbing the burning Edo Castle, you encounter a strange device that is controlling Impact. Once the battle is over, Impact is back to normal and just in time to start an Impact Boss Fight. This happens over the period of the game, you having to collect passes in order to get to the next area in the game, facing a boss and then facing another boss in a robot.

    Unlike in the other game, this game gets more and more harder with each stage and taking a hit is always bound to happen. The levels are separated into 5 different areas for our heroes to explore: Edo, Ryugu, Mafu Island, Underworld and finally, Floating Castle, in which there, you will encounter another castle, Dream Castle. Dream Castle is a stage where you must go through the 5 previous castles in order to get to the end, facing the final boss. Some might say that Dream Castle is the hardest of the castles in the game because it adds everything you loved in the first few castles and you must do it all in a few tries. If you lose all your lives, you must start all over again and after enough continues, it's game over.

    Every Impact fight is the same with a few differences. This time around, you control not only Impact, but Mrs. Impact as well, another robot created by Wise Man. By throwing a baton, you can switch back and fourth between the robots but you share the same Oil (health). The bosses you face will also throw at you special moves that can only be stopped when you switch off between robots or fill in your special meter by taking damage or dealing damage. The robot health is located on the very top of the screen and goes down with every hit you deal with. But as you progress in the game, the robots tend to have more health then your robot, adding a great deal of challenge in the fight seeing as you are always have the same amount of health.

    Even the castles prove to be the hardest part of the game, adding more enemies and traps in the castle. Pitfalls are added more and more often to throw the players off and losing all of your health and armor in the process. You can gain extra lives but once you lose your lives, it's pretty much over. There are some rare occasions that if you lose a robot fight, you have to start that castle's level all over again.

    After you beat a certain boss, you will be able to progress in the story and find out what is really going on as more and more ghosts start to appear everywhere. With every area you beat, it means more and more closer to figuring out what is going on.


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