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    Goffard Gaffgarion

    Character » appears in 5 games

    Gaffgarion is a mercenary for hire who changes sides in the game whenever a higher bidder attracts his attention. Ramza finally defeats him at Lionel Castle.

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    Gaffgarion was a captain of the Touten Knights during the Fifty Year War, when the war ended he was discharged for brutality, at which point he turned to mercenary work. When Ramza left the Order of the Northern Sky, he came into Gaffgarion's service as sword for hire.
    While Ramza hides his status as a Beoulve from most people at this stage in his life, Gaffgarion is aware of his identity.
    At the game's beginning, Gaffgarion is part of a team ostensibly hired to protect Princess Ovelia, but he is actually an accomplice in her kidnapping, as part of a scheme to discredit Goltana. Ramza is unaware of this, and turns against Gaffgarion when he later attempts to kill the princess.
    Gaffgarion works for Ramza's brother Dycedarg, and while he expresses disgust at being ordered by Ramza's own brother to kill him, he still accepts the job.


    Gaffgarion fights alongside the player-controlled characters for several battles before becoming an enemy. His most commonly used ability is Night Sword, an attack where he causes a large phantom blade to form and stab a target, draining their life.
    As this injures enemies while restoring Gaffgarion's health and never misses, wearing him down while keeping your own characters healthy can be difficult.
    There are several ways to counter this however, like equipping AutoPotion to undo the damage he inflicts, removing his sword which renders him unable to use Night Sword, or more unorthodoxly, casting Zombie on his target(undead characters absorb draining attacks).

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