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Heavy Metal 0

While this game's screenshots and box art would be right at home on the album cover of an early 80s hair metal band, it still holds up today as a brilliant and classic arcade beat-em-up from the days when BEING a brilliant and classic arcade beat-em-up was still worth a damn.All of the characters in this game were a lot of fun to use. The dwarf was a hilarious little rascal who turned the game into a comedy even when he was standing still. The barbarian looked enough like Conan that I could pret...

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A blast from the past, it's Golden Axe. 0

For those of you who remember the Mega-Drive or infact still play it to this day you will most certainly have fond memories of Golden Axe. You would be forgiven for thinking this game was inspired by Streets of Rage because the similarities are rather shocking. The basic concept is near identical; you take a character through a series of areas and are then asked to clear out the enemies within each section to progress. This game came at a time where characters never had much maneuverability on s...

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Kick a Gnome 0

This is an old game.  The question is, is it a good game?  Well, lets pretend that this is a new game, not one that I threw quarters into at an arcade on the board walk when I was a wee lad on a family vacation. Golden Axe is a 2.5D side-scrolling beat em'up developed by Sega.  Players may choose one of three characters at the outset.  It is the hourish long quest of these noble adventurers to stop the evil Death Adder (Addler?).  The three playable characters have names, but as they are not men...

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