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Legendary 0

Before Goldeneye was released on the N64 there was no console shooter that actually played well. Sure, if you go back to the game now it has aged horribly, but at the time it was the best out there. While the graphics and sound were not groundbreaking, they were done well enough to still be impressive. The thing that really set this game apart was the tight controls, epic single player, and the insanely addictive multiplayer. This was the game to be playing with friends when it came out, and I s...

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one of my fave fps's 1

as u probaly know i havent reviewd anything in a real long tiime i did two of the best rpgs evar the best beat em ups and many more now time to cut down to one of my fav generes and my favorite game for the genre golden eye 007 rrly the first good FPS i played was wolfenstien but trust me it didnt make what halo was today nither did doom and quake was close but the only thing that set the standards was 007 for great controls smooth gameplay and 4 player mode hearing the theme from the movie was ...

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The Gold Standard 0

Glockstar Armani presents this game with 4 "GLOCKIE" awards for:*BEST FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER**BEST MOVIE-BASED GAME**MOST NOSTALGIC GAME**BEST GAME OF 1997*This game is like tomorrow, on account of it NEVER DIES. It's amazing, it's spectacular, it's been talked about to death. So instead of regaling you with the same boring reviews that absolutely EVERYONE has already written about this, let me instead tell you 2 quick little fun anecdotes relating to it:#1: I had a friend once named Rudy. For Chr...

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One Eye -- Five Stars. 0

A tremendous earth-shattering explosion is heard from miles around. Surrounded by towering mountains, the echo is so forceful it feels as if the very fabric of time itself is collapsing. Reality seems to stand still as a bullet train speeds by, all the while slowly being engulfed in a crimson flame. Bodies are hurled across the barren tundra, overshadowed by the ominous night sky. In the midst of the chaos, a shadowy figure rises from the ruined aftermath of fiery scrap, unscathed. Turning off t...

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A classic. 0

It is hard to find a more enjoyable and accommodating game than Goldeneye. While the single player is outstanding - it is flexible enough to provide a challenge for both casual and expert gamers - the multiplayer is where the game really shines. The capacity to play with your friends on the split screen provides hours and hours of fun. What a game!...

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A Truly Amazing Shooter 0

This game revolutionized shooters for the 21st century. This game also showed that games based on movies CAN be amazing. Everything about this game was great in its time. From graphics to gameplay, Goldeneye 007 had it all. If at all you can still find this game anywhere, buy it without hesitance....

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goldeneye 007 0

Goldeneye is probably the best first-person-shooter ever made. not only is the game one of the best on the N64 but its also one of the best multiplayers available.20 levels, 3 difficulty settings, lots of replay value. you really can spend alot of time on this game, especially if you have a few friends round playing the multiplayer.if you have a 64 this game needs to be in your collection, its one of those games worth buying the console for. you will have alot of fun with it, i know i have. I ca...

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One of the most butt-kicking games on the planet! 0

A good movie game? Yeah right. No seriously, Goldeneye 007 is one of the best movie games of all time! Goldeneye is a fps for the N64 that has truly broken the bad movie game stereotype that most games are. The story involves some guy trying to destroy the world with a satellite, but the story isn't told well, since there are no (true) cut scenes. You spend the game in various locations completing objectives such as finding a key or something. But for some reason, it's still really fun. For a Ni...

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The best first-person shooter ever created. 0

The names Bond, James Bond and it seems he has finally made it into the world of video games. It was only a matter of time before we got to step into the shoes of the smoothest secret agent around, drive his cars, play with his gadgets and sleep with lots of beautiful women. Ok i guess two out of three ain't bad. The game follows the movie so closely at times you feel you're living through it but in your own unique way and that is what makes this game so special. This is the first time that Nint...

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Perfect In every way 0

Game-play The Gameplay is based on a modern First-person shooter. The Gameplay has allot of missions and allot of action. When you play and beat the missions you get unlocks for the cheats. I think the gameplay is perfect because this game delivers almost every thing you want in james bond game. The AI in the game is smart for a N64 game im was pretty impressed.The Graphics is like the best part of the game because you can see every thing well and the guns looks pretty realistic.The Sound and th...

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Goldeneye Birth of FPS! 0

Goldeneye, based on the Bond movie is a great game with great respect in the fps community. It not only started the fps era but it defined the era. I grew up playin this game and I'm glad to have played. Rare made some of the best N64 games including Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie. If you didn't play this you need to. Because of this game I now love fps....

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