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    An artificial construct that appears in Castlevania Judgment created by Carmilla. It acquired a soul and self-awareness upon entering the time rift.

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    The golem of Castlevania Judgment, simply referred to as Golem, is a creature give life by Dracula's servant Carmilla. Originally a soulless, mindless construct meant to do the bidding of its creator, it somehow acquires a soul and self-awareness when it's pulled through the time rift with the other characters. Like the others, Golem becomes embroiled in Aeon's plan to gather the soul keys necessary to open the way to a battle with the Time Reaper.

    Golem is a simple creature with low intelligence and brute strength. He doesn't use a weapon to fight; instead, he relies on his powerful body. He has also come to consider Carmilla his "mother," though Carmilla herself is disgusted by the sentiment.


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