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    Short for "Gomokunarabe" (or "line-up five pieces"), this board game of Japanese origin uses the same pieces and board of the game of Go as players take turns attempting to form a five-stone connection in any direction.

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    Renju is a professional variant of Gomoku, in which the game is played on a smaller 15×15 board and handicaps the first player (Black) in two ways:

    • By forbidding that player to make any of the three restricted moves (Three and Three, Four and Four, and Overlines). The opponent can still use them.
    • By using the "swap rule", allowing the opponent to choose whether to swap player positions after some moves are made. This was later changed so that both players must follow a sequence of opening moves (or an "opening rule").

    Many digitized adaptations of Gomoku also include Renju rules.


    My Time at Portia features it as a mini-game with the alternate name "Cross-Five"


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