Gone Home

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    Set in a large multi-story house during a 1995 thunderstorm, Gone Home is a first-person exploration game where a young woman finds out what happened to her family since she was away on a long overseas trip.

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    A True Interactive Story 1

    There is a piece of paper on a cabinet. You read it, it reveals itself to be an exam from days gone by. The exam has one question, a simple biology task: re-arrange these sentences to form a coherent story about the reproductive cycle. The answer is nothing of the sort. It’s long, a full two page story with character, excitement and passion. It is the writing of a child, so you’d be hard pressed to call it good, but the cheek of it makes you smile. It makes you laugh.Underneath there is a teache...

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    It's an oddly compelling story, with not much gameplay and some great atmosphere at times 1

    What constitutes as a game? In 'Gone Home', you can walk around and click on things but are these controls just an afterthought to a story the developer wanted to tell? Why, in this medium, is it important to tell this story? I suspect that indie games are the new 'cool' thing, so maybe this was a way to cash in on a growing niche market as well as a massive social debate. The lone gameplay mechanic this game has which I wish other games would adopt is the ability to put an item back in the same...

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    Gone Home review 0

    Recently, I had been looking for a new game to play; something different from anything I had ever played before. I heard about an indie title called Gone Home while perusing Twitter. I saw lots of people talking about how it was a “must play” for anyone who enjoys games. My incredibly kind fiancé gifted it to me on Steam, so I had no excuse not to play it.The game opens with the sound of a woman’s voice, who you soon find out is Katie Greenbrier, the girl you are playing as. You learn that Katie...

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    Where the Heart Is 0

    In the recent endeavours of interactive entertainment to bring us more human and relatable stories one area has gone significantly neglected, and that’s setting. We can all name a handful of games from the last couple of years in which the characters, plot, or dialogue touched us as people, but I can think of almost none in which the world of the game resembled the one we live in every day. The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home manages to fill this space perfectly, using nothing more than a humble ...

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    A memorable, relatable and believable story that would have never worked in a book or movie 0

    It's June 7th, 1995. Kaitlin has come home after a year long trip in Europe. There's no one to greet her other than a note taped on the front door. The note is from Sam and tells Kaitlin not to go digging around to find out where he or she or it has gone. As you enter the house, the lights flicker on. The house appears to be deserted. Welcome to Gone Home. Gone Home is an exploration adventure game that tasks the player to wander around a house piecing together clues of what happened to its' occ...

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    An Ending that was Gone 0

    ***Spoilers ***There is something to be said about Gone Home, it is a well made interactive story rather than an actual game. This to me was not the problem with the game. The mechanics of the game work and I enjoyed walking around the house finding different clues and secret rooms etc. a whole lot. The build up was fantastic but there this falls short is the ending. After I found out what happened(I'll get to that) I was like, huh, well that makes sense. The ending was not revolutionary or even...

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    Gone HomeGame Review 0

    Gone Home is a game that starts by placing you into the body of a young woman named Katie who has just returned to her family’s new house from backpacking around Europe. You are greeted with a surprising, suspicious note from her sister, Sam, which sparks immediate curiosity. The rest of the game is spent searching the 1995 mansion for clues as to what has happened to her sister and parents. We learn many facts about family members and friends as we progress through the house and slowly un...

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    A reverse bell curve of enjoyment. 0

    The simplest way I could define my experience in Gone Home is that it has a great intro and an even better ending. Great atmosphere. If feminism offends you, there will be plenty of /cringe moments. Definitely recommend playing it if you're into adventure, story-driven games....

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    Chapter One of a Great Game 0

    I picked this up after hearing a large number of extremely glowing mentions around the gaming podcasts etc. The amount of glowing references seemed to be growing as I plunked down my cash to check out the full game.After playing this game through to the end, I completely understand the positive buzz but I also recognize a serious shortcoming of this game. It simply does not deliver on what it promises from the beginning of the game. As far as atmosphere and story, it starts out in great fashion....

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    Home isn't always the way you left it 0

    Hand written letters, tube TVs, cassettes of grating underground garage punk playing from boom boxes, a VHS collection featuring X-Files episodes and double features such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Fugitive… Yep, it’s the 90s alright.It’s 1995. You are Katie Greenbriar and you’ve just arrived at your family’s new home with no one there to greet you after you’ve spent a year in Europe. In roughly two hours you’ll learn a lot about Kati...

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    "Walking Around a House Simulator 2013" has a pretty great story. 0

    Since its release Gone Home has been at the center of debate. Some question if we can actually call Gone Home a game. I'm not here to talk about that, but I will say this, Gone Home is a great example of how diverse and interesting gaming has become- and I consider it a fantastic game.Gone Home, developed by The Fullbirght Company, is by design a simple game. You play as Kaitlin, the older sister of Samantha. It is 1995 and you've been away for awhile, exploring the world. Your family has move...

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    Most disappointing game ever. 0

    What do critics see that we don't?After all the 10/10's I bought the game for $3.99 (Not the normal $20) and I am disappointed to say the least. Most critics praise the game for telling a story without having to shoot people. But this is definitely not the first game to do that!! There are thousands of games much better than this that does that. The only people who would associate with this game are people that are afraid to express their sexuality. But even at that a lot of gay people are very...

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    Quality Over Quantity - This is a Must Play 0

    After hearing amazing things about this game I decided that opposed to buying some RPG that was released two years ago I should probably purchase something with a bit more feeling. This "game", if you would like to call it that, constantly has you guessing to what is truly going on. I wouldn't exactly akin this to something in the horror genre, but there were many parts that had me guessing as to what was truly going on with the Oscar subplot. Along with this I love how they throw in all the ext...

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    Great emotional impact 0

    Really emotional for practically anyone, because I think everyone can relate to the subjects brought up. I cried several times during the play-through, because I could relate the feelings about that stuff in general. I think everyone should play this....

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    Narrative Done Right 0

    Telling a complete story in a game is hard. It used to be that games simply had cutscenes between levels almost as a "reward" for clearing out a mission. This was ok for a while but sometimes it just broke the pace of the game and sometimes made the story a convoluted mess ( aka final fantasy and metal gear solid ). Eventually as games progressed they began to include other elements to flesh out the narrative such as interacting with other characters and game "events" as you progress. I rememebe...

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    A must-play experience that will leave you enamored with its setting and characters for weeks 0

    This year in games has been absolutely fantastic. There have been some great games that are fun to play and appeal to a wide audience, sure, but 2013 has also brought some unmatched examples of why indie games are the future of the medium. Indie developers are willing to take a concept or idea that might not be widely accepted, something new or exciting in a way that we haven’t seen before, and risk a year or two of development to make it happen. They are the ones that have the commitment to the...

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    Not what you think, likely to stay with you - go buy it 0

    I will keep this brief so as to not give anything away. This game is probably best approached without reaching too much about it, but suffice to say that the story is likely to stay with you a while. Play this for an example of a true story telling game....

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    Gone Home Review 0

    Environmental storytelling at its finest, Gone Home is less fascinated with the “how” than the “why,” “when,” and “where,” as well as remarkably fresh not for what it includes, but for what it excises. Guns? Absent. Regenerating health? Nope. Boogeymen waiting for the next jump scare? Well, the atmosphere is unsettling, just not fatal. For a narrative that totally disarms its main character, then, you would never guess that Gone Home’s scariest feature is how deeply moved you may be.After a year...

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    Gone Home was awesome 0

    Well, this game needs no further accolades as it is quite the darling of most critics. However, I will still write my thoughts. I thought for sure that there would be no surprises for me as I had heard multiple podcasters discuss this game. I was wrong. What surprised me was, initially I admit I rolled my eyes at the premise of the story. One thing that I noticed throughout the game though was that I wanted to know how it ended. I felt like I knew something about the protagonist. And then I st...

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    The Emperor has no clothes 0

    I am baffled. Absolutely, totally baffled by the critical reception that this game has received. I find it unfathomable that anybody over the age of about 15 could find the story in this game to be deep, complex, or endearing. Gone Home is a short experience that is worth nowhere near the $20 price tag that it carries on Steam. I bought it on sale for 66% off and it wasn't even worth it then. It lasts about two hours, which is about an hour and 45 minutes too long. The game's exploration and le...

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    Gone Home Review 0

    Gone Home puts you in the role of Katie, the eldest daughter in a family of four. You have just returned from studying and adventuring abroad, and want nothing more than to see your family. You end up landing really late so you leave a message for your family telling them not to worry about picking you up, you'll find your own ride home. When you show up at the front door something strange is going on, there doesn't seem to be anyone home. Where is everyone? What happened to them? Should you be...

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    Gone Home Takes Me Back to My Teenage Years 0

    One of my favorite things to do in games is explore, and since that is the focal point, or potentially the entire point, of Gone Home, I quite enjoyed it. As someone who was a teenager during the time Gone Home takes place, a lot of this game resonated with me. Many of the bands Sam had posters for, I listened to; I watched most of the shows and had VHS copies of those movies, complete with badly hand written labels. Not many games can get me to place myself in a characters shoes, but the attent...

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    Shows a clear mark in the degradation of the video game industry. 1

    This 'game', which can be completed in less than two minutes; has an option to completely remove any challenge present by unlocking all the doors, and is marketed at 20 dollars, is an insult to the very spirit of the industry.While games such as Dear Esther are also presented as First Person Exploration, DE at least had the decency to be of an adequate length and with stunning visuals and atmosphere to make up for it's lack of gameplay. Gone Home, however, can make no such claims. You are restr...

    6 out of 46 found this review helpful.

    Safe, emotional and unoffensive, Gone Home does it just right. 0

    I’m not one to shy away from games that focus on exploration and discovery, like your Minecraft’s or your Terraria’s or your action games, but in these cases, said exploration brings you rewards like treasure or upgrades; rewards that improve your character and gives you reason to go out of your way to locate them. When it comes to finding rewards that merely give you plot or story points however, my drive begins to wane since your character or your player abilities aren’...

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    Powerful Storytelling in a Confined Setting 0

    Houses tell a story. Of the people who have or will live there and all the memories shared, every nook, every cranny, every closet, every shelf, every room, and even every piece of wood flooring contributes to the rich tapestry of a house's personal tale. The house in Fullbright's Gone Home is no exception to this, and makes for a heartwarming story of love, personal discovery, and growing up that feels as real as it is sentimental.As Kaitlin Greenbriar, you arrive home one rainy evening in June...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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