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    Gooper Blooper

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    An overgrown, giant-tentacled Blooper. He is a major boss in Super Mario Sunshine and makes cameos in multiple Mario games.

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    Gooper Blooper is a giant blooper with small eyes and gray-blue spots across his forehead. He has four large tentacles which grow darker and spotty towards the end and are tipped with red spots. He also has four smaller tentacles and when in pain his eyes turn red or purple-pink, with 'X's in them. 


    In Super Mario Sunshine, Gooper Blooper first appears in the first episode of the level Ricco Harbor: 'Gooper Blooper Breaks Out'. He is one of the several characters Bowser Jr. tries to use to frame Mario as the polluter of Isle Delfino. Mario finds him by pulling off one of his tentacles, which is protruding from a pile of crates from which a large amount of ink-like goop is spilling out of. Mario defeats Gooper Blooper but he later appears in the fifth episode of Ricco Harbor: 'Gooper Blooper Returns', where he is occupying the harbor's helipad and appears again in the second episode of Noki Bay: 'The Boss of Tricky Ruins', where he is blocking a small room buried in the cliffs. 
    When Mario fights Gooper Blooper, his main form of attack is to attempt to hurt Mario by smashing down his tentacles where Mario is standing. He starts out with goop on his face and a cork in his mouth and any attempt by Mario to touch his mouth while it is still covered in poisonous goop results in Mario being damaged. Mario must use F.L.U.D.D. to clean the goop off of Glooper Blooper's face, but every time he sprays Gooper Blooper's face he will attempt to hit Mario with all four of his tentacles at once. Mario can stop Gooper Blooper's tentacles in their place by jumping on them and can remove his tentacles from his body by grabbing them and pulling on them. When Mario can safely touch Gooper Blooper's mouth he can grab it and pull back on it, removing the cork and causing his Gooper Blooper's mouth to snap back, damaging him. Gooper Blooper then falls backwards, stunned, but quickly grows 4 new tentacles and sprays goop into the area around him, covering his mouth in goop as well. The same process that was used to defeat him before must be used again for him to be catapulted into the air, leaving Mario free to collect a Shine Sprite
    In Super Princess Peach, Peach encounters Gooper Blooper as the boss of the fifth world: Wavy Beach. Gooper Blooper tries to damage Peach with his tentacles but Peach can make him retract his tentacles by hitting them with Perry when he reaches towards her. Gooper Blooper also has an attack which involves spitting bubbles of ink into the air which then rain down on Peach. When he has retracted all four tentacles Peach can damage him directly by hitting his mouth, after which he will bring back all four of his tentacles. After he loses three health points he uses the calm vibe to fall back to sleep and Peach must use the rage vibe to wake him and take out his two final remaining health points. 

    Other Appearances

    In Mario Power Tennis, Gooper Blooper appears as an opponent, wielding a tennis racket in each of his four tentacles in the Gooper Blooper Volley mini-game. 

    In Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Gooper Blooper appears on the court Pirate Ship. He appears off the sides of the pirate ship, using his tentacles to hit any player who gets too close to the edge. 
    In Super Mario Sluggers, in the mini-game Blooper Baserun characters must dodge his tentacles and collect coins. The also appears in the stadium Daisy Cruiser where he tilts the ship back and forth. 

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