Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage

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    Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage is a first person puzzle adventure game where players uncover the secret behind their enigmatic uncle's legacy. Players need to solve puzzles and complete the challenges in four different rooms to succeed, similarly to real-life escape rooms.

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    Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage is a first person puzzle adventure game set during the Victorian era.

    The player takes on the role of the last remaining relative of a wealthy but enigmatic uncle, they are offered a chance at receiving his heritage if they are able to complete the puzzles located in his mansion.

    During the game the player needs to solve various puzzles based on environmental clues, deduction or combination. All the while uncovering the real reason behind these tests and getting to know the true story of the mysterious uncle.

    After successfully completing all four rooms, the player will learn the true meaning behind the Gordian Rooms.

    Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage is a fresh take on the escape room style games that are becoming ever so popular, taking inspiration from The Room series.


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