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    Gorgon Pistol

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    Introduced in Gears of War 2 and a favorite among the Kantus.

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    Gears of War 2

    The Gorgon Pistol is one of the new weapons introduced in Gears of War 2. This strange hybrid pistol uses two Hammerburst clips to fire short eight round bursts of fire at enemies. Favored much by the Kantus, the pistol seems to be used as a support fire weapon, due to it's slow reload time and long fire delays between bursts. Active reloads consist of stronger shots and an increase in reload speed.

    Gears of War 3

    In Gears of War 3, the Gorgon Pistol has been upgraded to the Gorgon SMG, making it a fully automatic weapon compared to the previous burst shot. It has also been given it's very own execution animation, where the player stomps on the downed opponents arm and then smashes the SMG against their head (killing them).


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