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After the Star Fox Team fights their way through Area 6, the only thing standing between them and Venom is the Gorgon. The commander of Area 6 deploys this weapon as a last ditch effort. This boss makes a unique entrance by teleporting to intercept the player and will repeatedly teleport throughout the battle. It uses long robotic tentacles as its primary attack but is also equipped with missiles and a powerful hyper beam. The only way to inflict damage is an involved process that starts with destroying its tentacles so it opens its shell to spawn new ones. When the shell opens, the player must destroy three energy balls circling the core. Repeating this process a few times leaves the Gorgon's core vulnerable to damage.
The official Star Fox 64 Nintendo player's guide offers a handful of details about the Gorgon. The reason why it can teleport is because it's equipped with a dimension transport system. The explanation goes that It's not so much as teleporting, but phasing in and out of other dimensions which allows it to seemingly reappear wherever it wants. Also, the hyper laser the Gorgon uses has the ability to pierce the crust of a planet, making it one of the most powerful laser systems in the Lylat System. For these reasons, the Gorgon has become a legend since it is hidden away in Area 6 and not many have seen it.

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