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    Goro is the third person to join the party in Dark Cloud. He is a hard-headed power house. Goro uses axes and hammers to slay his foes.

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    Goro is a hunter living in a treehouse close to Poacher Village. He likes to use Axes, Hammers, and other heavy weapons, much like his father.

    Dark Cloud Manual

    Upon meeting Goro in Mataki Village, Goro attempts to fight Toan, believing Toan to be the villain that destroyed the world in Dark Cloud. Goro's father is Fudoh, a great warrior who slayed the white tiger.


    Matataki Village

    Toan meets Goro
    Toan meets Goro

    As Mataki village is rebuilt, Toan discovers Goro's father, Fudoh was killed by the Killer Snake in Wise Owl Forest after talking with the villagers. Goro had simply existed in Fudoh's shadow; selfish, brash, angry, and a loner. Toan defeats the Killer Snake which becomes a catalyst for the appearance of Goro's father which sets Goro straight. Toan has to show Goro the Bone Pendant which reveals the truth to Goro. Goro then joins Toan on his quest, becoming the third member of the party.


    Goro is a closed range combatant who's armed with hammers, axes, or any heavy objects such as a frozen tuna. He is a slow character who has strong offense and defense.

    Special Ability: Goro is the only character that can open doors requiring the press of a large button.

    Goro's charged attack: Goro spins his hammer in a circle around him, damaging enemies up to 4 times. As a consequence to his power-hits, Goro's weapons tend to break easily, making their endurance a necessary stat to upgrade.

    Special Items

    Favorite Food: Grass Cake - Raises Goro's Defense.


    These weapons can evolved except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Mallet - Default Weapon
    • Frozen Tuna - Given by Couscous in Matataki village if picking the 3rd choice. It has a default attribute of ice.
    • Turtle Shell
    • Battle Axe - Given by the tree, Treant, if the player completes 100% requests and collection for Matataki village. It's Fudo's weapon.
    • Big Bucks Hammer - Given by Jack if Ruby's in Toan's Party upon completion of Jack's house in Queens. It has the ability, Big Bucks, to increase gold drop by enemies. It can be bought at Jack's shop for 1,000 gold.
    • Steel Hammer
    • Trail Hammer
    • Plate Hammer
    • Gaia Hammer
    • Magical Hammer - Can be obtained at fishing spots for 1,800 fishing points.
    • Last Judgement - Its default stats have every elemental attribute given with a high anti-mimic stat.
    • Satan's Axe

    Ultimate Weapon

    These weapons are in their final evolved state.

    • Tall Hammer
    • Inferno

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