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    Gorons are a group of creatures that like to eat rocks and live in the mountains of The Legend of Zelda series.

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    Gorons are mountain-dwelling creatures of the Legend of Zelda universe. They are perhaps one of the oldest races to live in Hyrule next to the Hylians, as mentioned in Skyward Sword. First appearing in Ocarina of Time, Gorons like to eat rocks and are very peaceful, although they are constantly seen as individual beings who do not like to interact with other races from the region. This makes them a very independent group. The best example of this occurs in Twilight Princess when they do not allow Link to proceed through their domains because he is not a member of their tribe. In order to be accepted by the tribe, one needs to show their value, which is accomplished by beating them in sumo battles (a habit that had never been mentioned before in the series). Link was able to wrestle them wearing Iron Boots to weigh himself down, and therefore was able to gain some respect from the Gorons. They are usually shown as being organized in tribes that are led by older and more experienced Gorons. In Twilight Princess, they are led by a group of elders, which is fairly different from other games where they are led by only one individual.

    They like intense heat, and in both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess they live near a volcano called Death Mountain. This is due to their diets of rocks, and they particularly enjoy mining for their favorite volcanic minerals found in Dodongo's Cavern with the use of Bomb Flowers. In Twilight Princess, they also control the Goron Mines that is located inside the mountain, and they enjoy bathing in their hot springs. In Majora’s Mask, they inhabit the Snowhead Mountains of Termina where they were faced with a major storm problem because of the low temperatures indirectly caused by Skull Kid.

    Gorons are rarely found in The Wind Waker, as the game takes place primarily on the sea, and Gorons are mountain creatures. However, they do appear occasionally as merchants Link can trade with throughout the game. They also appear in Phantom Hourglass, the sequel to Wind Waker.

    In Skyward Sword, Gorons are shown as scholarly archaeologists that study the land below the clouds.


    Gorons possess great physical strength as displayed through their rock-mining skills and love of wrestling. They can roll at high speeds. When Link transforms into a Goron using the Goron Mask in Majora's Mask, he can roll intensely enough that spikes will jut out from his back. Due to their thick skin, they can withstand extreme heat; fire and lava pose no danger. Gorons are also able to play percussive instruments. In Twilight Princess, it is shown that they cannot drown.


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