Is the 360 version majorly glitchy for anyone else?

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#1 Posted by Thoseposers (929 posts) -

Hey guys, so i got this game a few days back and it's super fun to play, however, it just seems so incredibly broken. I know the ps3 and pc versions are apparently all fucked up but i can't imagine how much worse they can be than what i'm running into. The matchmaking almost always freezes up right before the match starts up and if i try to leave match making it also decides to stop working and the only thing i can do is quit out to the dashboard. And most recently the game will take forever to even get past the first loading screen.

So yeah, fun game when i can get in a match but everything leading up to that is straight up busted for me. This happen for any of you guys?

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Easily the biggest waste of money this year, it never finds me a game to join, and in the off chance it does, it pits me with 2 equally low level team mates against a full team of level 40+ players. The match making is broken and so is the gameplay, definitely not what I would consider a fun game

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#3 Posted by tunaburn (2021 posts) -

i was in the beta for a week. it was fun but took a long time to start a game. i didnt buy the full game.

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#4 Posted by iAmJohn (6239 posts) -

As someone who owns the PS3 version and has been hanging around the GCI support forums for days, let me be the first to say: Yeah dude, the game is fucked up for everyone else.

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Nah, that happened to me once or twice, but beyond that, no problems at all, sometimes i'tll take a minute or 2 to start a game, but usually no more then 30 seconds.

I'm from Europe, don't know if that could have anything to do with matchmaking being better for me, but, just letting you know.

The game is so much fun, and i'm not even into competitive multiplayer games, like COD or Battlefield.

But i'm still loving the shit out of this game, and it wasn't even on my radar untill i played it the day it came out.

BTW, thye'll be realeasing free DLC, FREE!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome is that?!

And they'll probably also fix all the problems some ppl are having.

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I've got issues with the game, but nothing quite like that.

Just the generally lousy matchmaking.

If I actually get into a game I enjoy it plenty, but that's apparently a pretty big if.

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Theres not much point in my bothering to load the game up unfortunately, given that the matchmaker can't find me a single game. I was determined to see exactly how long it would take to start a match.. even if it only pitted me in a team with some level 3 guy versing a full team of 40+ers (like the last two games I had going a day ago).

It's been half an hour so far.. at this point it's got nothing to do with the population - the matchmaker is flat out broken, I think I'll just wait for the patch.

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#8 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2953 posts) -

out of the 10 hours I've played the game I ran into two instances of matchmaking troubles. Besides that the game has been running fine.

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#9 Posted by downtime58 (234 posts) -

I've played the game for a few hours on XBL and it's only frozen up on me once so far.

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I've played about 100 games in the 8 hours I've played. Matchmaking isn't fine but it does work. Never had it hard lock or had to exit to dashboard.

The only issue I've had so far is when matchmaking fails because the host leaves, and it starts the match again, it will be team deathmatch instead of fumigation. Even then this has only happened twice.

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#11 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1850 posts) -

I've gotten about 5 total instances from the almost 75 games where it would glitch out on me. But, the majority of the gaming has been stress free; even at the oddest times of day I can find a game quickly...

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I played the beta on PS3 and it seemed fine. The only problem I had was that the markers for objectives were all fucked up. Like, in the tutorial part of the game it has those icons/markers for where targets are, 1 time when I played it had those icons straight up in the air. Matchmaking was slow but it worked.

But yeah, just looking at other forums and talking to people on 360 it seems totally fucked.

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@JoeyIA: Actually, from the official forums, the 360 verison is the best option out of the 3.

The PC version seems to have a tottally busted matchmaking, and the PS3 version, along with bad and slow matchmaking, has a lot of technical issues like problems with game saves, frame rate, and in game glitches.

But they'll probbaly fix all of this in the free DLC.

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@BPRJCTX: I agree that the Xbox one is the best but they're all pretty fucked up. Was there a beta for the Xbox version? I got a PC code with Arkham City and PS3 had an open beta; I never heard anything about an Xbox beta. My PC is 5 years old so I played the PS3 version the most.

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#15 Posted by BPRJCTX (790 posts) -

@JoeyIA: Ha, no, to tell you the truth, i wouldn't know, cos this game wasn't even on my radar untill the day it came out, but after playing it, it just blew my socks off, it's so much fun!

But, i wouldn't say it's fucked at all, maybe some ppl are having more problems than me, but i'd say it's fine, not perfect, it has a few issues, like sometimes it'll take a minute or 2 to get into a game, but most of the time i get into a full lobby in less then 30 seconds.

The game just came out, what game comes out perfect nowadays?

If after the first "FREE" DLC (how awesome is that?!), there are still problems, sure, rage away.

I can understand some ppl on other platforms, and and even on the 360, some ppl might have more issues than me.

But, i'm just having a great time with this game, what a surprise hit!

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